Key Facts about People Analytics that You Should Know

We shall begin with the definition of People Analytics, which is defined as an approach based on business intelligence that is useful in managing the people in the organization. In other words, people analytics is all about the employees working in the organisation.

People Analytics is a part of HR Analytics and has immense potential in the field of HR, as managing a workforce is a data-driven job. This calls for advanced HR software for analyzing the large volumes of employee data. In spite of the fact that people analytics is an emerging buzzword in the HR Technology domain, not many of us are aware of its significance. This blog brings key people analytics facts that you should know.

Fact#1: People Analytics is only at its initial stages

Yes that's right. People Analytics is a relatively new technology in the field of HR but it is one of the most promising technologies out there. As more and more enterprises get to know about people analytics and its significance, this technology will slowly become an integral part of HR management.

Fact#2: Enterprises don't have a clue about People Analytics

This is perhaps one of those facts that you find hard to believe, but it's true. As people analytics is an emerging technology, enterprises are not quite aware of what it's all about and why it is important. Since people analytics is a concept that is based on giving value to the employees, it is gradually being accepted by Enterprises today as an integral part of HR management.

Fact#3: The right technology is important

People Analytics is nothing but analysis of HR data that is regarding the employees. So, if you are looking for the benefits that can be achieved through effective analysis of employee data, you need an automated HR software platform like Digital HRMS that automates every HR function, offers HR Analytics functionality and generates detailed automated reports.

Fact#4: Security of HR data

It's important to understand that HR data in general and employee data in particular, can be highly sensitive. So, when analysing the data for people analytics insights, security of data automatically becomes one of the biggest concerns. However, new age HR technology like Digital HRMS offers advanced security features that protect the data from unauthorised access and other threats.

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