Leave Management with Digital HRMS: Exploring the Benefits of Automated Leave Management

Managing employee leaves can be a challenging task for the HR department of an organisation, because of the large number of employees in the organisations today and the increased chances of errors with a manual approach to leave management.

38% of organisations in the US use manual leave management systems. - TSheets

This shows that a significant share of enterprises even today are stuck with the manual paper-based 
leave management system for managing employee leave and attendance. However, a manual process comes with its own set of challenges, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Delay in approval of leave or work from home requests
  • Not much awareness about leave policy
  • No effective monitoring of employee leaves
  • Inaccuracies or errors in leave management affecting payroll
  • Difficult for employees to plan leaves in advance
The solution to the challenges of a manual process can be overcome using an automated leave management system that is designed to help enterprises manage employee leaves more effectively. Digital HRMS is a customised HR software platform that offers dedicated modules for every HR function, including leave and attendance management system. The leave and attendance system of Digital HRMS, like all of other modules, offers features and functionalities that benefit the employees as well as the employer.

The benefits of using the Digital HRMS leave management system are many, right from boost in employee engagement levels to reduced costs to the company. This is because the features of the leave management system are carefully designed to take care of every need of organisations and also simplify the process for the HR team. The result is a boost in HR efficiency. The following are the key features of the leave management system of Digital HRMS.

  • Intuitive dashboard of the leave management system that allows employees to check their leave balance, view leave history and also the list of official holidays. This makes it easy for the employees to plan their leaves beforehand.
  • The Managers of the respective teams have access to the leave balance of the resources in the team, as well as their leave calendar, to help them plan the availability of resources for a project.
  • Provision for the organisation to configure the leave management system as per their leave policies and organisational requirements.
  • Availability of the HR software on Cloud as well as on-premise ensures that employees can have anytime anywhere access to the data, from their own devices on the go.
  • The leave management software implements automated updating of leave balance of the employees in real time to prevent confusion and to ensure smooth Resource Management.
  • Fully configurable workflow offered by the Digital HRMS HR Software when it comes to the process of approval of leave requests, right from the moment a leave request is submitted, to its final approval. Also, at every stage of the workflow, notification emails are triggered to all the stakeholders to keep them informed.
  • Provision for employees to pullback leave requests already submitted, till the time the request is approved by the Manager.
  • Provision for employees to raise request for attendance regularization (AR) as well as Work From Home (WFH) requests directly from the leave management software, for instances when they are required to work from outside the office premises.
  • Provision to generate automated leave reports with a few clicks on the leave management software, which offers a detailed overview of the leave details of the employee for quick reference.
  • Provision for the Manager of a team to raise a leave request on behalf of a team member, in case the team member is not able to access the platform.

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