Machine Learning Project Ideas 2019

Day by day Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing rapidly, and mastering machine learning is Important for a techie. This is because ML and AI are complementary to each other. We have many textbooks and study materials to help us acquire knowledge of Machine Learning. However, the fact remains that you cannot master it until and unless you practice with a Real-time Project.

How to Choose your First Machine Learning Project
A certification in Machine Learning  (ML) is a breakthrough that can help professionals transform every industry, just like telecommunications was launched to witness a transformation of the world. Experts predict that machine learning is all set to create a $15 trillion GDP by 2030. The rise of machine learning shows an opportunity for every techie to successfully make a difference in the business world. However, implementing a Total ML Strategy is challenging.

Start an ML Project for Success
One needs a Rich Source of ML Projects that lie in automating works. This is being accomplished today, by using a technology, known as Supervised Learning. Here you find ML is best for automating tasks rather than jobs.

Know Your Leader
Selecting a person who works functionally, and handles both your Industry Domain and AI Experts, is essential to make your project a success.

Build a Team
From my experience, I came to know that a team of 4 to 14 people is ideal to execute an idea successfully. The key is to properly distribute the resources for every project.

When the Main Project hits the main milestones, especially when It delivers the best result, it’s essential to give the team an Internal Dashboard.

If you want to tell about your project, in your company, you have to make sure that first, your CEO recognizes this project. If you have a machine learning team working with a Sales team, both teams should receive credits and rewards for their success.

Is your Project of Value in the IT Field?
By selecting a company-specific project, your Internal stakeholders understand the value of your customers. For Instance, if you run a Medical Device company, designing a Machine-recruiting project, and setting screen resumes, can be a bad idea for two main reasons.

  • Where we have high chances, that some else design an ML recruiting Dashboard.
  • This is less to convince, remaining of your company, where ML is worth investing. Where your main project is on ML Medicine Devices.
Therefore, I will show you the best machine Learning Projects that help you the most.

a] Movie Ticketing Project

Nowadays, there is a rapid increase in some the movie platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime for watching according to our convenience. This example can help us pick some of the main factors that affect Marketing Content Quality, and many more.

For this, we need the best ticket pricing system, that guide movie producers. Ticket price increase according to reviews, the system calculates the pricing that depends on the viewer's Interest, signals, and reviews.

c] Uber Project

We all know that Uber is a ride sharing application, which responds to customer issues very fast. It updates and improves, and the customer support representatives are built by designing a Human in loop sample Architecture. It is known as User Ticket Assistant.

d] Road Accident Analysis Project

Today every automobile is equipped with many safety measures to avoid accidents. Compared to technology, accidents are more in number. Therefore, this project includes using Prediction models, which analyze many accident pictures and offers the best solution to automobiles.

e] Health Checker Project

As every MBBS student knows, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are used for designing health Checker software. Here in this Project, they design machine Learning course samples for symptoms and diseases. This Dashboard asks users about their symptoms. In the end, it makes a diagnosis.

f] Tweet Project: Recognizing Twitter Tweets
In social media, fake news and information has become a worldwide famine in the Digital Age, where offensive posts is a big issue. It is even worse when they are not posted in a proper way. Therefore, there is a Proper Application for NLP that is Natural Language Processing and sentiment analysis. This accepts many thousands of text documents, to be scanned for certain filters in seconds. For Instance, twitter process for unwanted posts and separate tweets and many more.

That was all about some interesting project ideas on Machine Learning. Do you want to share ideas of projects you have worked on? Let us know in the comments box below.

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