Online Training with Digital HRMS: Switching to Online Corporate Training with Advanced HR Software

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the enterprises has been the biggest in recent history, affecting every aspect of business operations. As people have been working remotely for close to a year now, there have been multiple measures taken by the HR departments across the globe in order to streamline employee management and ensure that HR processes are not adversely affected.

Since employees are the biggest asset to any organisation today, employee engagement is one of the primary focus areas of the HR today. To keep employees engaged and motivated, corporate training is seen as one of the primary HR activities. However, as the workforce currently is working from home, planning and conducting training sessions is a challenge. This has caused many enterprises to put a pause on the training initiatives.

The fact remains however that work from home is here to stay and so organisations have little choice other than adapting to challenges of remote work and working around these challenges. Hence, HR teams across the globe today are looking forward to taking the corporate training initiatives online. In other words, it's all about taking the classroom training sessions to the virtual environment. After all, moving to online training is not as difficult as you think, provided the enterprises have access to the right tools and the right approach.

To begin with, it is important to understand that the training content as well as the style of conducting the sessions will be different for a virtual environment. It's important for the corporate trainers to understand the difference and prepare the training content accordingly. This calls for a thorough training session for the trainers.

Once the trainers are well versed with the new approach towards conducting training sessions in a virtual environment, the next challenge is to overcome, would be managing the training needs of the entire organisation remotely. For this, what enterprises need is an advanced training management platform. For example, Digital HRMS is a training management platform that allows the HR team to take care of every aspect of the corporate training process, right from training needs identification (TNI) of the employees to collecting feedback and review from the participants as well as the trainers. In other words, the platform takes care of every step of the training Management process.

It's important to note that corporate training should serve as a motivating factor for the employees in the organisation, as well as an activity that helps them learn and develop their skills. Hence, it's important to ensure that the employees are interested in the sessions and also the topics for the trainings are chosen to align with what the employees are seeking.

So, you see that switching to online corporate training sessions can be a rewarding experience for your HR team as well as the employees. However, there are certain things that you need, primarily a good training management platform for managing every aspect of online trainings and Digital HRMS is a good example. The training module of Digital HRMS has multiple features to facilitate easy learning for the employees even when they are not present within the office premises.

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