Reports with Digital HRMS: Exploring Key HR Reports for Every Enterprise

The human resources department is easily one of the most data intensive departments in any organization. Right from the personal and professional details of the employees to data pertaining to the HR processes, such as leave management, performance management, to name a few, the HR professionals have to deal with the challenge of managing large volumes of data.

This can be a challenge, especially when there are large number of employees in the organization. What’s more, the analysis of HR data is another aspect that the HR team needs to take care of. After all, analysis is a key because data holds important insights that can help the HR as well as the management make informed decisions. This is where the reporting capability of the new age HR software comes into the picture.

There are different types of reports that an HR department would require from time to time, for almost every HR function. However, not all of them are equally significant, as some of them play a more significant role in decision making than the others. With the HR Reports and Analytics capability of Digital HRMS, an advanced new age modular HR software, creating HR reports for the seamless analysis of any type of HR data becomes a cakewalk! Here we shall look at the key types of HR reports when it comes to the analysis of HR data.

1] Recruitment Data Report
Recruitment is one of the primary responsibilities of the HR department and is significant for being the gateway to the organization. Recruitment is far from simple and involves a comprehensive process that involves several steps and multiple stakeholders. HR Reports created using recruitment data helps the HR and the management get an idea about the following, to name a few:

  • Number of candidates applying for a position
  • Skillset of the applicants
  • Status of an RRS or open position
  • Percentage of candidates shortlisted at every stage of the interview
  • The most effective platforms to source candidates

2] Employee Leave and Attendance Reports
The management of leave and attendance is a complex process in itself, and reports can make the process a lot simpler. Now, interestingly enough, Digital HRMS has the provision for building HR reports not just for the Admin or the HR, but also for the employees, including the following:

  • Record of the swipe in and swipe out of the Access card of the employees
  • Cumulative working hours in a day or the entire week
  • Number of leaves in a month and the status of leave requests
  • History of attendance, leave, work from home and attendance regularization
3] Employee Performance Reports
The performance of the employees is a significant parameter for the HR as well as the management, as it is the key factor behind the processing of employee payroll. The performance management module of Digital HRMS module allows the Admin and/or the HR to look for and find the top performers, based on parameters like the following:

  • Discipline followed by the employees
  • Adherence to the working hours policy
  • Regular work logs entered in the Timesheets module
  • Employee productivity HR reports
The employees can be fairly compensated if the HR uses an accurate and effective tool for managing employee productivity and performance. Also, the reports thus generated can be used to make improvements wherever necessary.

4] Resource Allocation Reports
Allocation of resources to a project is one of the primary factors behind the success of a project. The HR department has the responsibility to distribute resources and an advanced HR software like Digital HRMS helps the HR streamline the distribution of the resources. The following are the key areas covered under resource allocation reports.

  • Number of resources allocated per project
  • Skillset of the resources working on a project’
  • Employees in the organization with a certain qualification or skillset
  • Employees with partial allocation

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