Surveys with Digital HRMS: Why Enterprises Today Need Automated Survey Management System

Every organisation today is waking up to the fact that employees are a key asset. What's more, a team of highly productive employees can be the catalyst to the success of an organisation. This makes employee engagement one of the primary responsibilities of the HR department today. But how does one know what makes the employees happy? How does the HR decide on the exact steps to take in order to boost employee engagement? After all, not all employees are the same and there are different factors that motivate employees.

The simplest solution out there is conducting employee surveys, whereby the HR prepares a list of questions and shares the questions with the employees for their thoughts and feedback. Surveys can be conducted by distributing printed copies of forms or through emails. However, this method only helps in distribution of the survey and nothing else. Survey management system is what enterprises need here. This stands true all the more in the current remote work scenario, where there is no option to meet the employees face to face in order to ask for their feedback. Here are a few reasons enterprises today need survey management system.

1] Lets Employees Know that You Care

Now, this is one of the biggest advantages of using a survey management system in the first place - whether your employees are working remotely or reporting to work everyday, it's important to let them know that they are valued by the organisation. A survey management system, such as Digital HRMS, makes this possible as the platform is designed for conducting seamless surveys effortlessly.

2] Provides a Channel of Communication

While many organizations today encourage employees to speak about their concerns, only few employees do so. Most employees are not very comfortable sharing issues and concerns in person. This is where a survey management system helps, and Digital HRMS allows employees to answer questions in the survey anonymously. This really helps every employee to open up without any concerns and this paves the way for an improved communication channel between the employees and the organization.

3] Allows Easy Analysis of Survey Results

Conducting the survey is just the first step – the key step is to analyze the survey results effectively in order to draw the right conclusions. Digital HRMS is a survey management platform with analytics feature that allows the HR team to deeply analyze the survey. The platform creates graphical charts and graphs for easy understanding of the results. Accurate understanding of results allows the management to pinpoint the areas of concerns and identify what’s really bothering their employees.

4] Paves the Way for Change in the Right Direction

Bringing about change is essential but which are the changes that are the most called for? The analysis of survey data by a survey management system like Digital HRMS provides this information to the management of the organization, based on what the employees want. This can prove immensely beneficial to the organization in the long run, in the form of increased employee engagement and higher levels of employee productivity and efficiency.

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