Tips to Choose the Right Resume Parsing Tool

Recruitment is one of the highly significant processes for an enterprise because it serves as the gateway through which the best talent can come on board. After all, employees are the biggest assets for an enterprise. When it comes to the recruitment process, shortlisting the right candidates from the long list of applications for a job is one of the most crucial yet time consuming steps. The recruitment team is required to go through every resume to compare the data in order to make a list of the applicants whose skills, experience and other relevant details are the closest match to the requirements of the said position.

However, a resume parsing tool can make things easy for the recruitment team by automating the process of parsing resumes. Yes, the new age resume parsing tools can help recruiters experience the magic of resume parsing using NLP technology. Digital Resume Parser is an example of an advanced resume parsing tool that automates the process of resume parsing using NLP and AI. This ensures that the relevant data from resumes are extracted accurately, in spite of the multiple formats of resumes and the wide range of vocabulary that resumes come with.

How to Choose the Right Resume Parsing Tool

A Resume Parsing tool boosts the efficiency of the recruitment process and is indispensable for the enterprise today when you have hundreds of applicants for open positions and finding the best talent is a top priority. However, how do you choose the best resume parsing tool? Here are few tips to help you make the right choice when it comes to a resume parsing tool. So, let’s get started…

1] Look for High Processing Speed

One of the primary requirements of a resume parsing tool is the speed of processing. The purpose of automating the process of resume parsing is to make it a lot faster than ever possible manually, and so speed is deal breaker here. When you have hundreds of resumes to process, the ability to extract data fast can make a significant difference.

2] Verify Support for Multiple Formats

Now, your resume parsing tool needs to have the capability to process resumes from multiple formats. This is because there is no standard format that applicants stick to, and the resumes coming in will be in a diverse range of formats, including pdf, doc, odt, and more. A resume parsing tool like Digital Resume Parser supports multiple formats to ensure the format of the resume is never a roadblock.

3] Check for Data Privacy and Security

Resume parsing is a data intensive process, and given the strict laws in place regarding the privacy of data in the European Union and across the globe today, compliance is mandatory. A good resume parsing tool comes with the required data privacy features to help you protect the data that is being handled when processing the resumes. Digital Resume Parser is compliant with the GDPR to ensure data privacy.

4] Check for Integration Capabilities

Yes, your resume parsing tool should integrate with the HRMS software in order to bring in the best results. After all, resume parsing is a part of the recruitment gateway and so integration is essential in order to make it possible for your recruitment team to make the best use of the extracted data. Digital Resume Parser integrates seamlessly with your HRMS platform to help you process the data further with the utmost ease.

5] Look for Advanced Technology

Resume parsing tools are all about the best use of technology to automate the process of extracting relevant data from the resumes. Resume parsing using NLP, AI and other advanced technology is what you should look for. The intuitive approach to data extraction that is essential for effective parsing can only be achieved with resume parsing using NLP technology.

Want to explore the resume parsing services offered by Digital Resume Parser data extraction tool and know how a powerful resume data parser can simplify recruitment process for your HR? Visit the website or drop us an email on and our team will help you with your queries.

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