Top Reasons Your HR Should Use a Powerful Resume Parser During the Hiring Process and the I/O formats Available Through It

Businesses now make significant efforts to acquire and retain top people, which is one of the HR department's primary tasks. After all, a company's most valuable asset is its skilled personnel. The most challenging element of the hiring process is reducing the pool of candidates for a certain position, but recruitment also has its challenges. It is difficult to overcome the difficulties of data extraction. Here the resume paring tools come into play. To understand how the resume paring tools work we have to into its background.


If your organization has a job opening, you will receive dozens, if not hundreds, of applications.
When you announce a job opening in your organization, you will receive dozens, if not hundreds, of resumes. While having a greater number of people apply for the job is definitely helpful, it also increases the labor needed by recruiters, who must now filter through a big number of applications before selecting candidates for interviews. This challenge inspired the creation of the resume parsing software.

The resume parsing tool had its own issues in its early editions. This is because, even when applying for the same job, no two resumes are the same!

Strong resume parsing software, such as the Digital Resume Parser (DRP), employs artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze candidates' years of experience, skills, education, and other characteristics in order to determine who is the greatest match for the position's requirements. DRP is the greatest option if you want to improve the effectiveness of the hiring process by selecting candidates based on the needs of the position.

Advantages of using DRP as a resume parsing tool

• Upload CVs to the candidate database
You have a variety of choices with DRP for adding resumes to your applicant database..

• Single resume upload
For the purpose of analyzing the candidate profile and adding it to your database, import one resume from your computer.

• Import from Outlook 
DRP can use Outlook. You may import, parse, and add resume data from the specified Outlook mailbox using the add-in with only one click.

• Bulk Resume Import
Learn how to import a big number of resumes very quickly! Start recruiting new people or pre-fill your prospect database with already submitted resumes. Upload as many resumes as you like using the DRP API, and it will quickly parse them all!

• Check Duplicate Records
DRP offers you the capability that enables you to control redundancy. It's possible that the candidate data you import from a resume already exists in your candidate database. Tell DRP to add a duplicate record or replace the duplicate resume.

You'll save a ton of time by using improved tools like Bulk Import & Outlook Add-in for processing applicant resumes.

Formats for I/O

For smooth connection with your program, many input formats and an industry-standard output format are offered.

DRP gives you a method for analyzing resume/CV data and extracting it into a machine-readable output format, like JSON.

The DRP acts as an interpreter that separates resume data into different sections like Personal Information, Education Details, Organization Experience, Project Details, Client Exposures, Skills, Achievements, Certifications, Trainings, References, etc. into JSON structured output with the information that will help you to analyze the applicant. DRP accepts various resume input formats like pdf, docx, doc, txt, rtf, odt, dot, etc.

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