Training Management with Digital HRMS: Discover the Solution to Challenges in Training Management During Lockdown

What is training assessment and what makes it so important? Well, experts insist on assessments to test how successfully the learners have accomplished the objective of the training program.

According to a study by ClearCompany, 68% of employees believe that training and skill development is the most important company policy as skilled employees are an asset to any organization.

Assessments also give an idea of how much the learner has understood or comprehended the topic covered in the training session. There are also pre-assessments that are conducted prior to the training session, in order to get an understanding of the level of expertise of the participants. This information helps the trainer define the complexity level of the training program. For example, if most of the participants have beginner level knowledge about the subject, then they would choose an intermediate level of complexity instead of a highly advanced training program.

The current situation that has employees working remotely, has brought up challenges in management of trainings. Right from conducting the training sessions for the employees working remotely, to evaluation of the training as well as the participants, and managing the training needs, are the major challenges. This is where an advanced HRMS software like Digital HRMS comes into the picture.

Management of Training Needs Made Easy with Digital HRMS
Digital HRMS offers a training module that simplifies the process of managing training assessments online even when the employees are working from home, as is the current situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With Digital HRMS training module, the training team can conduct assessments, which include both pre-assessments as well as post-assessments, online using the platform. In addition to the assessment of participants, there is also the option for sharing feedback on training effectiveness, simply by logging in to the portal.

1] Assessment of Participants
As mentioned earlier, Digital HRMS makes it easy to conduct participant assessments on the platform, in a few simple steps. All that the user needs to do is log in to the platform, click on the LMS tab, and then go to the Trainings tab.

Digital HRMS supports online training assessments for both, classroom trainings as well as online trainings. The purpose is to help the participant understand how well they have grasped the subject, and the areas that need improvement.

2] Assessment of Training Session
Participants can log in to the Digital HRMS platform to give feedback for online as well as classroom training sessions. The feedback is with respect to the trainer, how interactive the session was, the activities, training material, the relevancy of topics covered in the session, and so on, with the objective of further improvement.

Organizations can also use Digital HRMS to share training videos on relevant topics with the employees to help them gain knowledge as they work from their homes. The videos can be uploaded on the platform, and an email notification is sent to all those who might find it useful, and they can login to the platform and start watching the training videos online.

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