What a Complete Test Management Tool Can Do for Your QA Team Today

What is a complete test management tool? How does it help your QA team? To find answers to these questions, we need to understand the significance of testing in the development of high quality software products and applications. Today, it is more important than ever to be able to make a good impression in the minds of the users, because of the intensely competitive software application market, with new apps and new updates coming up every now and then. All that the developer has today is the fleeting chance to catch the attention of the user through a good user experience. Even the smallest glitch can result in the user rejecting the app without a second thought!

So, in order to ensure a seamless user experience, it is important to test the app thoroughly beforehand, for different scenarios, devices, operating systems, screen resolutions and hundreds of other parameters. This makes it important to focus on the testing and consider it as important, if not more, as development of the application itself. As the applications developed today continue to become more and more complex, there is the need for testing to evolve and it has, and that too quite significantly, in the last decade or so.

Why a Complete Test Management Tool is the Need of the Hour
The need for a more comprehensive approach to testing gave rise to the new age test automation tools – tools that helped automate the entire testing process, which was erstwhile carried out manually by testing professionals. The QA teams today are aware of the edge that the test automation tools offer them, through a marked increase in test coverage and a boost in test efficiency at the same time! Interestingly enough, the next generation of the test automation tools are designed to offer a lot more – they take it a step further as these tools take care of the entire process of test automation, right from the start to finish, with the need for minimal human intervention.

QARA Enterprise is a complete test management tool, and this platform is intended to make test management for your QA team easier than before. It is an integrated, enterprise-ready platform that provides a single administration layer for various established open-source automation testing tools, including Appium, Selenium and more. The platform accelerates the testing process and boosts the efficiency of testing through a multitude of features and functionalities. Here we shall look at them…

1] Cross Browser/Platform Support
QARA Enterprise is a complete test management tool with a cross-platform test automation solution that can run tests on a variety of browsers and devices. In today's times when mobile is so significant, businesses must have their presence across all platforms for better visibility and to build a connect with the users. As a result, complex test automation projects require compatibility with a wide number of browsers and platforms, which can only be achieved with an automation testing tool. QARA Enterprise's cross-browser, cross-platform testing functionality was developed to bring down testing time and add to the test coverage.

2] In-Depth Reports
Reporting is an essential part of the QARA Enterprise and one of the significant features of the complete test management tool. It assists testers in determining where the test failed, possible underlying causes, and the proportion of automation, among other things. QARA Enterprise provides an easy-to-understand, colourful graphical representation that makes data analysis a breeze. Even when there is a lot of testing going on, this keeps the QA team in perspective.
QARA Enterprise, a new generation test automation tool, has a unique reporting function that can assist QA professionals in analysing test case parameters and determining the efficiency of the test case execution process. When evaluating the performance of test case execution, the user must consider a number of factors. The key metrics are the performance indicators for the test execution process.

3] External Integrations
Today's advanced test automation technologies allow for seamless interface with a variety of other tools, each of which is intended to enhance the tool's performance and capabilities. When using the QARA Enterprise automated testing tool, testers may see how the platform's interaction with other prominent platforms enables them to execute a variety of test automation tasks without the need to switch platforms. On the QARA Enterprise platform, you may use Sauce Labs, BrowserStack, BrowseEmAll, and more integrations.

4] Parallel Test Execution/Grid Execution
It becomes more difficult to conduct all test cases using a single system as the breadth of your project grows. The necessity for testing on many systems emerges as testers are required to execute test cases on various operating systems, platforms, and browser versions. This is when grid or parallel processing comes in handy. Grid execution is a breeze for testers using QARA Enterprise. The BrowserStack/Sauce Labs connection can help testers who don't have the required browsers or OS systems.

5] Parametrization
The parametrization feature is best for projects requiring a large number of cases to be tested using the same methods. During the execution of a test case using an automation testing tool, the parameters are filled in with their actual values, resulting in a parameterized version of the original test case. It's feasible as testers won't have to spend as much time and effort obtaining data sets in order to perform such test cases. The values saved in QARA Enterprise's global and local test data can be utilized to repeat test cases without duplicating work.

Want to witness what makes QARA Enterprise the complete test management tool your QA team will ever need? Visit  www.qaratest.com or drop an email on info@qaratest.com and our team will get in touch with you.

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