What Makes Digital HRMS a Completely Customizable Platform for Your HR Team

This is the era of automation and businesses across the globe are investing in tools and platforms to implement automation of business processes. The HR department is one of the key departments of an organization, managing the employees and looking after their well-being within the premises. When it comes to automation of the HR processes, we have the new age HR software platforms to help us automate every HR process seamlessly and boost HR efficiency and productivity in the process.

Digital HRMS is an example of an advanced new age HR platform that helps you automate every HR function with utmost ease, thus helping your HR team focus on more important tasks that involve working on strategies to propel the organization into a new phase of growth. What’s more, Digital HRMS uses its reporting capability to generate automated reports that provide you the key insights you need to formulate business decisions that are driven by data and are aimed at attaining your business goals.

Why Need a Customized HR Software Platform
When you have a software that is designed to help you reach your business goals, it becomes very important to consider the fact that every business is different and so are the business policies, goals and vision. HR software is a software where there is no one-size-fits-all. That’s the reason today enterprises are looking for an HR software that they can customize to meet their specific requirements.

A customizable HR software platform like Digital HRMS takes into account the smallest details, to create that truly customizable automated HR management experience for your HR team.

Exploring Customization with the Digital HRMS Platform
The following are few of the key ways in which you can customize the Digital HRMS platform.

Pay for What You Need
One of the biggest advantages of using a modular platform like Digital HRSM is that it allows you to pick and choose only the modules that align the closest to your business goals at any given moment. So, you pay for a handful of modules at the start and then add more as your business needs continue to evolve.

Incorporating Your Brand Colours for a Personalized Interface
To begin with, Digital HRMS allows you to use your brand colours as a panel to the top of every page and also the left panel if requested by you. The following screenshot shows the panel with the logo of The Digital Group on the top panel. This way, you have an interface that looks familiar to your employees and at the same time, reflects the spirit of your business.

Employee Birthdays & Work Anniversaries
We know that the HR software is a powerful instrument to boost employee engagement and Digital HRMS takes this a step further by allowing you to add a panel to showcase the birthdays and work anniversaries of your employees. This is a dynamic panel that displays the respective birthdays and work anniversaries for that day.

Also, the platform allows you to create customized Birthday greetings to be sent to the employees as automated emailers to their MS Outlook mailbox. The employees receive an automated mail generated by the platform to wish them on their special day.

Customizable Leave & Holiday Policy
Every organization has a different leave policy and so the Leave Management module of Digital HRMS allows the HR team of your organization to configure the leave policy accordingly. This is completely customizable to cater to the different needs of the enterprises today, and also includes the addition of multiple Holiday Calendars to cater to the many regions you have your employees working from.

Customized Performance Assessment
The Performance Assessment Module of Digital HRMS is another area that offers ample scope for customization. There is not just the option to customize the type of performance assessment to implement, but also the option to define the parameters considered for the performance assessment. This helps enterprises and their HR teams to design the most relevant and effective assessment plan for their employees.

In addition to the above-mentioned areas, there are multiple other instances in the workflow where Digital HRMS allows ample customization.
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