Employee Separation with Digital HRMS: Separation Management and Overcoming the Challenges

Employees are one of the most valuable assets to any organisation. So, when good employees leave an organisation, it can be grave news for the company. There can be multiple reasons for employees to leave, including personal reasons, feeling undervalued, too much work pressure and a negative work environment, among others. However, it is the priority of enterprises to ensure a smooth separation process for every employee as departing employees have the potential to serve as the brand ambassadors of the organisation.


However, streamlining the employee separation management process is not easy as it is a comprehensive process that involves multiple departments. The following are the key challenges faced by the HR team when it comes to streamlining the 
employee separation management process.

  • Reducing the time required for all the formalities and preventing delays
  • Living up to the expectations of separation process to be a rewarding one
  • Prevent any unnecessary complications from the exiting employee's end
  • Taking care of the legal aspect and ensuring complete compliance in every way
  • Creating a good experience for the exiting employee so as to inspire other employees who made come to know about it
  • Managing the requirements from all the different departments for completing the exit process
  • Having to ask the employee to come back multiple times to get done with all the formalities
  • Ensuring the brand image of the organisation is never compromised


The solution to the above challenges is an advanced 
employee separation management process that has the set of features required for effective employee separation management and to enable the HR team to make the separation management process faster and more efficient.

Digital HRMS is an example of an advanced HR software platform that brings you a dedicated employee separation management platform with every functionality that your HR team needs.

Digital HRMS allows the employees of your organization to enjoy a stress-free way of recording or pulling back his/her resignation. The HRMS software has a question builder which lets users build all types of forms/questionnaires including the Exit Interview feedback forms. From scheduling the Exit interview and collecting valuable feedback to deactivate the employee, everything can be done at the click of a button. The Admin can also configure the workflow for approving/rejecting a resignation. The option to temporarily reactivate and deactivate an employee is also available.

The following are the features of the employee separation management platform of Digital HRMS.

  • Stress-free resignation recording/pullback process
  • Customizable exit interview surveys
  • Quick exit interview scheduling and feedback review
  • Employee deactivation at the click of a button
  • Dynamic workflows
  • Temporary disablement/enablement of employees
  • Quick clearance activity from all the departments
  • Detailed reports and email notifications
  • Dynamic workflows

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employee separation management effectively?

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