Explore Features and Benefits of Employee Attendance Management with Digital HRMS

Rewind to the days before the pandemic struck the globe... Employees used to punch in and out office everyday, and the attendance used to get recorded in the process. The days on which there were no record of punch-ins, the employees would be marked as absent. Simple, isn't it? Definitely, but then came the pandemic that resulted in the sudden switch to remote work and recording employee attendance suddenly became one of the most complex challenges for the HR. After all, how does the HR record attendance of employees when they don't step into the office anymore?

Well, thankfully there is a solution to the challenge faced by HR teams today, and it comes in the form of the new age automated employee attendance management system. In simple words, it is a software that not just automates the entire process of attendance management to eliminate errors, but also allows the HR teams to effectively manage employee attendance during the period of remote work.

Here we shall look closely at the features of one such employee attendance management system – Digital HRMS – and also understand its benefits.

Key Features of the Digital HRMS Employee Attendance Management System

  • Seamless integration with the existing Access Control System
  • Easy Attendance Regularization and Work from Home requests
  • Option to set up leave types as per company policy
  • Flexible Shift Management and leave credit rules
  • Customizable & comprehensive leave & attendance reports
  • Leave details and leave calendar visible on the Digital HRMS dashboard
  • Provision to apply leave directly from dashboard
  • Manager can view leave details of the employees in the team
  • Employee work hours visible on the Digital HRMS dashboard
  • Do-it-Yourself employee portals
  • Detailed reports and email notifications
In addition to the features listed above, Digital HRMS has an additional functionality that has been developed to cater to the requirements of the current scenario when employees are working from home.

Remote Employee Attendance Management with Digital HRMS

When a user logs in on the Digital HRMS platform, a 'Check-In' button appears. The user needs to click on the 'Check-In' button to start recording their working hours on the system.

Once the employee has checked in, the 'Check-Out' and 'Break' buttons appear on the screen. The employee can click on the 'Break' button when taking breaks during the working hours. At the end of the day, employee needs to click on the 'Check-Out' button and the total as well as actual working hours will be displayed on the screen.

*The actual working hours refer to the number of hours the employee has worked, excluding the break time.

Key Benefits of Employee Attendance Management with Digital HRMS

So, how does an employee attendance management system like Digital HRMS benefit the enterprise? Experience Full Access to Digital HRMS with real data FREE for 90 Days. Start your Free Trial Now.

1] No Chances of Errors
With the implementation of an automated process, chances of errors are eliminated and this is one of the biggest advantages of an automated employee attendance management system. Discrepancies in attendance affects the payroll, which negatively impacts employee morale.

2] Provision to Apply Leave and Regularise Attendance
Another advantage of an automated employee attendance management system like Digital HRMS is the provision for the employee to apply for leaves and regularize the attendance as applicable, right from the platform itself. Also, the approval process of leave requests is streamlined, thus reducing the dependency of the employees on the HR for basic administrative tasks.

3] HR Data Security
HR data is all about enormous volumes of data that primarily consists of personal details of employees. This data needs to be protected from unauthorized access and misuse. An automated employee attendance management system like Digital HRMS helps achieve this through Cloud storage with advanced and multi-level data security features.

4] The Mobile App Advantage
A new age employee attendance management system like Digital HRMS comes with a mobile app that makes data accessible on the go. The mobile app facilitates enterprise mobility and makes it possible for employees as well as the HR to access the platform from anywhere and on any device, without any compromise on security.

5] Access to Analytics
Last but not the least, an automated employee attendance management system like Digital HRMS has built-in analytics functionality that allows the HR team as well as employees to generate automated reports on leave, attendance and working hours, in just a few clicks. This feature is a must have for effective and accurate data analysis.

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