How Digital HRMS is the Solution to Challenges in Effective Employee Communication at the Workplace

More than 50% of organisations across the globe have difficulty in retaining some of their most valued employees. - Willis Towers Watson

There are many such facts and statistics indicating that employee attrition is a problem faced by enterprises across the globe. Experts say that one of the biggest factors behind employees leaving organisations, is the lack of effective employee communication at the workplace. In other words, lack of communication channels at the workplace is resulting in enterprises bearing the cost of large-scale employee turnover.

Now, when it comes to communication at the workplace, it is mostly the lack of communication between the management and the employees which is the cause of the problem. There are many challenges faced by enterprises in this regard and the key ones are mentioned below.

Common Challenges of Employee Communication

  • Lack of effective communication between the management and the employees when it comes to updates, announcements, new office rules, etc.  This results in people getting the information from non-reliable sources and this often leads to distortion of the original piece of information.
  • Complete absence of employee interactions and relying entirely on emails for conveying information is another issue faced by enterprises today and this creates a sense of discomfort in the employees and negatively affects the employee morale.
  • Lack of proper grievance redressal forum to Cater to the issues faced by the employees at the workplace is another challenge. Employees see it as a lack of interest of the employer in listening to the employees and helping them find a solution to the issues troubling them.
  • Not enough efforts to ensure the employees have a clear understanding of company policies along with the rules and regulations to be followed.
  • Very little encouragement to the employees to share their ideas and opinions or feedback is important. This makes the employee believe that their ideas would not be of value to the organisation.
  • There is no encouragement for the employees to work on their communication skills. We know that employees often struggle with communication but when they feel they are not encouraged to work on developing good skills, it is likely that they won’t.

So, we see that there are quite a few challenges faced by employees in organisations today with regards to communication. The ideal solution to this problem is a new age software platform that can serve as the ideal platform to connect employees in the organisation to one another as well as to the management.

The Digital HRMS software is an example of a platform like this. It is an advanced Cloud based HR software platform that can be fully customised to meet the requirements of the organisation. It is designed to automate every HR function and results in the increased efficiency and productivity of the HR department.

Solution to Challenges in Employee Communication at the Workplace

Here we shall look at the many ways in which the Digital HRMS software platform can have a positive impact on workplace communication and at the same time reduce the gaps between the employee and the management.

  • Digital HRMS is an HR software that takes care of the gaps in communication when it comes to conveying information to the employees. The HRMS Software achieves this through effective showcasing of important information and announcements on the dashboard itself. So, every day when the employees login to the HR software, they get all the information including upcoming events in the organisation, on the HRMS software dashboard itself. This ensures every employee is aware of the latest information out there, eliminating the risks of miscommunication.
  • The Digital HRMS software shows notifications for every action that needs attention of the user, including pending leave applications and approvals. This way, the employee does not have to face ugly surprises.
  • Digital HRMS is an effective employee management system that showcases the birthdays and work anniversary of employees on the dashboard itself. This is a small way to make the employees feel cherished and valued.
  • Organizations can use the Digital HRMS software platform to organise training programs  for the employees. In the current scenario when the employees are working from home, there is also the provision for online training programs using the LMS module of the HR software that help employees acquire new skills.
  • The Digital HRMS software platform provides an HR Help Desk to enable the employees to interact with HR professionals. This paves the way for a clear communication channel and helps the employees find a way to connect with the HR and seek solutions for their issues if any, on the employee management system.
  • The Survey module of Digital HRMS allows the HR department to create quick but effective survey to seek the opinion of employees and collect their feedback, an essential feature offered by the employee management system.

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