How Digital HRMS is the Solution to Challenges in Employee Performance Management

What makes an employee an asset to the organisation is how well they do their job. This makes performance management of the employees one of the primary responsibilities of the HR department. It's the assessment of the employees' performance that determines the appraisals, which means it's the key factor affecting the payroll or compensation received by the employees. Discrepancies in the performance management can adversely affect employee morale and level of employee engagement in the organisation.

As important as it is, performance management is still a challenge for several enterprises across the globe. In fact, most employees say that the performance management system of their organisation does not recognize their efforts and achievements and this data from Researchgate is a testimony to this.

86% of employees say their efforts are not recognised by other organizations.

Here we have the key challenges faced by enterprises when it comes to performance management.

  • Aligning the goals with employee performance
  • No provision to track performance data
  • Lack of provision to draw insights from the large volumes of data
  • Unavailability of required data as and when required
  • Lack of transparency in the appraisal process
  • No definitive metrics in place to measure the performance of the employees
  • Absence of real time data tracking

The solution to these challenges comes in the form of an advanced HR software like Digital HRMS that offers an advanced automated performance management system. Digital HRMS is a modular HR software platform that offers dedicated modules for every HR function. Given below are the key features of the employee performance management system of Digital HRMS.

  • A unique self-assessment form for performance appraisal
  • Performance based on average score for different competencies
  • Modifiable appraisal cycles, rating scales, competencies, KRAs & goals
  • Smooth transition from appraisal/confirmation initiation to closure
  • Easy-to-explore confirmation status – approved, extended, pending or submitted
  • Seamless shift from confirmation initiation to closure
  • Modifiable rating scales
  • Confirmation period configuration
  • Detailed reports and email notifications

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