How Digital HRMS is the Solution to Challenges in Leave Attendance Management

Consider this:

A study by the American payroll Association shows that the average employee in the US steals 4 hours in 5 minutes every week.

This shows that effective management of employee time and attendance is significant to the success of an organisation in terms of employee productivity. The statistics above brings to our notice what we all have probably known all along – mismanagement of leave and attendance can cost a company. Add to it the instances of errors in attendance tracking and you'll have a lot many factors creating chaos.

Leave and attendance management is one of the most significant responsibilities of the HR department of an organisation and this is because calculation of leaves and attendance affects the payroll. This is important because errors here can lead to errors in payroll processing, which is something that no employee would be happy with. In other words, leave and attendance management has a direct consequence on the employee engagement levels in the organisation. However, in spite of the best efforts put in by organisations today to streamline the process of leave management, there are a few challenges that HR departments face in this regard.

Challenges in Leave and Attendance Management

•    Lack of a plan to manage absenteeism
•    No provision for employees to keep a track on their leave history
•    Difficult for employees to plan leaves wisely
•    Employee absenteeism affecting Resource Management
•    Errors in leave and attendance affecting payroll
•    Delay in approval of leave or work from home requests
•    Lack of awareness of leave policy among the employees
•    Problems in tracking attendance of remote employees
•    Difficulty in monitoring leaves of employees
•    Lack of access to basic tasks like leave application on the go

So, we see that there are multiple challenges when it comes to the management of leave and attendance in organisations across the globe.

What is the Solution?

The solution lies in the new age HR software like Digital HRMS. Digital HRMS is a modular HR software platform that offers dedicated modules for every HR function. The leave and attendance management module of Digital HRMS is packed with all the features and functionalities that the HR departments of new-age enterprises would need to effectively manage employee leaves and attendance.

Effective Leave and Attendance Management with Digital HRMS

Digital HRMS offers a leave and attendance management system that is designed to help enterprises overcome the most common challenges, through a host of useful features.

•    Seamless integration with the existing Access Control System
•    Easy Attendance Regularization and Work from Home requests
•    Option to set up leave types as per company policy
•    Flexible Shift Management and leave credit rules
•    Customizable & comprehensive leave & attendance reports
•    Leave details and leave calendar visible on the Digital HRMS dashboard
•    Provision to apply leave directly from dashboard
•    Manager can view leave details of the employees in the team
•    Employee work hours visible on the Digital HRMS dashboard
•    Do-it-Yourself employee portals
•    Detailed reports and email notifications
•    Dynamic workflows

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