How Digital HRMS is the Solution to Recruitment Challenges in Times of the Pandemic

The pandemic has changed the way businesses operate, with a lion’s share of the workforce working from home. So, every department does face its own challenges as a result of what we call as the “new normal”. The HR department, which holds the responsibility of employee management in the organization, right from recruitment and onboarding of the employees to the exit process, is also facing its own set of challenges. This is because performing most of the functions can be challenging in times of the pandemic.

One of the key areas of the HR responsibilities is recruitment, which has its own set of challenges due to the current times. Given below are the key recruitment challenges faced by the HR department during bringing in new candidates on board during the ongoing spell of remote work.

  • Catching the attention of qualified candidates
  • Lack of streamlined process for candidate selection
  • Keeping a record of the interview process of candidates
  • Analysis of candidate data for insights
  • No process to track resource requisitions
  • Manual data entry of sourced candidate details

What is the solution to the recruitment challenges? Well, the answer lies in a new age HR software like Digital HRMS that completely automates the recruitment process and makes it easy for the HR to streamline the process remotely. The platform even allows scheduling and managing of interviews. The following are the key features of the recruitment module of Digital HRMS – a dedicated module for recruitment that makes recruitment easy even in times of remote work.

  • Creation, approval and allocation of RRS
  • Provision for existing employees to refer candidates
  • Editing, adding & deleting job postings in a few clicks
  • Provision for Admin to use a question builder to define questions to be asked in interviews
  • Easy monitoring of candidate and interview status
  • Provision for shortlisting of candidates by recruiters and managers
  • Tracking shortlisted candidates for further interview
  • Resumes of rejected candidates archived in a resume bank for future reference
  • Detailed reports and email notifications
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