How to Implement Effective Resource Allocation with Digital HRMS

Effective resource utilization in an organization is important to ensure that none of the resources are overworked and at the same time, there are not too many resources who are idle. In other words, effective management of resources in the organization, so that every project gets the right number of resources with the desired skillset. The responsibility of allocation of resource lies with the Human Resource department, but there are challenges that come in the way.

Skilled resources are hard to find and so it is paramount for organizations to make the best possible use of them. This will streamline the costs and boost the productivity and quality of work and efficiency of the team. The objective of allocation of resource is to strike a balance in the distribution of resources, such that every team has the right number of resources required to complete projects within defined timelines. Given below are some of the common challenges when it comes to allocation of resources.

  • Consistent monitoring of resources and their availability to prevent the delay in project delivery due to unavailability of resources.
  • Ensuring every project gets the required number of resources and there are no resources being underutilized or not utilized at all.
  • Effectively sharing resources between multiple projects in case there is a shortage of resources with a specific skillset.
  • Capacity to cater to emergency situations in case there is a sudden change in deadline or change in the requirements of the project.
The solution to the key challenges faced by the resource allocation manager in organizations today is an automated resource allocation platform like Digital HRMS. The Digital HRMS resource allocation platform makes it easy for the resource allocation manager to assign resources to the different business units, keep track of the start and end date of allocation for each resource, and also allows sharing of resources between two or more projects, as per the requirements. Here are the key advantages of using Digital HRMS resource allocation platform.

  • Makes it easy to implement resource forecasting to maximize the utilization of resources and also to predict the availability of resources for a certain timeframe in the future.
  • Real time updates on the allocation status of each resource on the resource allocation platform.
  • Facilitates higher productivity of the team members and boosts the efficiency of the teams.
  • Availability of resources with the most relevant skills for the various projects in the organization on the resource allocation platform.
  • Prevents stretching of deadlines for projects due to sudden unavailability of resources.
  • Facilitates maximum utilization of resources available with the organization and at the same time, as the resource allocation platform. prevents unnecessary hiring of new candidates.
  • Prevents underutilization of resources.
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