How to Write Persuasive Content for Email Marketing

The Email Etiquette Series is all about writing emails that people love to read. Today’s blog post is about some key pointers for writing effective content for a marketing campaign email. 

You might also take a look at the DOs & DON’Ts of Email Marketing for some quick tips for beginners. Email marketing is a very commonly used strategy to create awareness of a product, some great offer or discount, a new launch, or new content on a website (and basically anything and everything else that you can think of!) through a series of carefully planned emails. When it comes to email marketing, content is king and the success of your email campaign largely depends on the quality of your email copy. Here we shall look into 5 key pointers to keep in mind, followed by a few cleverly written campaign emails to give wings to your creativity.

1] Create an Impact with a Good Subject Line

Write a good subject line and you’ll be halfway through your journey towards achieving a successful open rate for your email campaign. So, what defines a good subject line? Well, it is one that catches the attention of the readers and builds up their interest to know what’s within the email. Experts suggest that you use action words, interesting stats, and mentioning the most attractive benefit your product/service can give your readers. The most important point is to keep it unique. Here are a few examples.

2] Use ‘You’ in Your Email Copy

Always make it a point to write your emails in the second person i.e. use ‘you’. When you craft your copy in the second person, it sounds more personal and makes it easy for the reader to relate to your email. Taking it a step further, it is safe to conclude that when your readers can relate to your email they will also find it easier to connect with your business, thus increasing the chances that they will open your email and even follow the desired call to action (CTA).

3] Make Your Email Relevant to Your Target Audience

Before you start drafting the copy for your email marketing campaign, take a step back and research about your target audience. Who are the people receiving your emails? What are their needs or expectations from a product/service like the one you offer? Making an effort to know your target audience will go a long way in helping you create email copy that your readers can easily relate to, resulting in higher open rates. Sending blanket emails (the same email content to everyone on your mailing list) is another thing you should avoid. The more you can segment your target users, the better impact you can create with your emails.

4] Let the Personality of Your Business Shine Through

While you’ll never write a business email in the same voice as you would write a personal one, sounding too professional might come across as cold. Hence, it is highly recommended that you write the email content as if you’re directly speaking to the reader – using a tone you’d use in a conversation. However, it all depends on the kind of business you’re writing for as some businesses, like the banking sector, are more conservative than say, the ecommerce sector.

5] Highlight the Benefits of Your Product

It’s human psychology that makes people show interest in a product when it has something great to offer. In other words, when your readers read your email, they will be eager to find out how the product will help them solve a problem or make things easier for them. This is the reason you should highlight the key benefits of your product as opposed to merely stating its features. When they see some really cool benefits, it makes them like the product and they are interested to know more about it. In other words, your email content should make it easy for your readers to know “what’s in it for them”.

Sample Marketing Campaign Emails

Here are a few really cool ones that we have curated for you. Get inspired!

a] An Email that Raises Curiosity


b] One with a dramatic copy that grabs attention


c] One that focuses on the benefits


The Final Word

These were a few pointers to note when crafting a persuasive copy for your email marketing campaign that leads to maximum conversions. Once you have the above pointers covered, don’t forget to proofread the content carefully to avoid typos, errors and grammatical issues. Here’s a blog on the Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing the Perfect Email that talks about the most common goof-ups and how to avoid them.

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