HR Experts Share their Advice for HR Professionals Today

The HR landscape is changing every day and new concepts being introduced, along with the introduction of new technology. What employee management was even a few years ago, is different from what it is today. The same applies to the challenges faced by the HR today. A workforce that comprises primarily of millennials requires a different approach from the HR, as compared to what was the norm even a decade ago. Here we shall have a look at the advice shared by some HR thought leaders for the HR professionals today.

1] Working on employee experience is key

Meghan M. Biro, the founder and CEO of TalentCulture and an in-demand HR analyst, insists on improving the employee experience. After all, when employees have a good work experience, it contributes towards a healthy work culture and the employees are motivated to give their best.

Meghan says, “You can't prevent attrition if your organization doesn't attend to employee experience.”

2] Managers should focus on being fair to the employees

Shane Green, author of "Culture Hacker" and the founder and president of SGEI, insists that it is important for the managers to understand that the employees also have their share of challenges and the organization should make efforts to provide the employees with all the infrastructure they need in order to give their best.

Shane says, “Managers need to stop telling people how to get better when they can't provide enough staffing, training, tools or information for their people to succeed.”

3] Employee Engagement should be a priority

Natalie Baumgartner, Chief Workforce Scientist at Achievers, insists on the significance of keeping employees engaged at work. There can be multiple ways to achieve this and this can be different for different employees but that should be what the HR team aims for.

Natalie says, “Ensuring employees remain interested in their work creates a greater sense of purpose and deeper connection to their tasks and the company as a whole.”

4] Chatbots are the new way to connect with employees

Jeanne Meister, the founder of HR advisory firm Future Workplace, speaks on how the chatbot is an interesting new way for the HR team to connect with the employees. The HR Help Desk can be replaced by a chatbot that can provide employees with quick answers to their queries round the clock and whenever they need help.

Jeanne says, “I am starting to think of chatbots as your newest HR team member, one that allows employees to easily retrieve answers to frequently asked questions.”

So, that was about what the HR professionals have to say when it comes to taking on the new age challenges of the HR domain. Share your thoughts in the comment box below and let us know your take on the HR challenges today and how to overcome them. 

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