Infographics Blog on Employee Engagement Statistics 2020

Did you know that according to a study by Quantum Workplace, employee engagement drops by almost 7% after an employee complete 1st year in the organisation.

This shows that employee engagement is a cause for concern that needs to be addressed by the organisations across the globe today, in order to reduce the rate of attrition. After all, good employees are an asset to any organisation and given the rising competition for talented employees, organisations today want to ensure that the employees are happy.

One of the solutions to the challenges of reduced employee engagement levels comes in the form of the new age HR software. Digital HRMS, for instance, is an HR software that brings to you an automated employee management system that helps the HR team implement employee engagement measures with ease to make the lives of the employees better and more convenient at the workplace.

Digital HRMS is an HR software that offers multiple modules, for every HR function. It is an employee management system that can be customised to meet the specific requirements of an organisation and is the ideal HR partner for enterprises today to help them boost employee engagement. Here are some pointers on how the HR software platform of Digital HRMS is the solution to your challenges in the domain of employee engagement.

  • Access to online trainings for self-development and skill development for the employees is one of the benefits offered by the Digital HRMS HR software platform. The training management system of Digital HRMS offers the provision for online training for all employees to allow them to stay updated on new technology and also explore new ideas at their own pace, as and when they have time.
  • The employee self-service functionality of Digital HRMS also plays a key role in boosting employee engagement levels in an organisation. It's an exercise that allows employees to apply for leaves, raise voucher requests and perform many other basic administrator functions just by logging in to the HR software platform. This is a feature that defines a powerful employee engagement system that empowers the employees, giving them control over basic tasks and boosts employee engagement.
  • Digital HRMS sends notifications and alerts to all stakeholders at every stage of the workflow, irrespective of the module. This increases the transparency of the various workflows, such as travel request and leave application, among others.
  • Digital HRMS is an employee management system that has the provision for automated attendance tracking of employees, through the mobile app for Android and iOS users. The app uses geofencing technology for automated attendance tracking when employees are stepping into a predefined geographical area. This is one feature of the HR software that saves the hassle of regulating the attendance every time the employees are out of office for a market visit or to meet a client.
  • The performance assessment system of Digital HRMS also allows the employees the provision of self-ratings, whereby the employees login to the employee engagement system and rate themselves on the basis of their performance. This forms the basis of the performance assessment process and after the employee has filled the form, it moves to the manager for further processing.
So, that was about some interesting statistics on employee engagement, along with some insights on how the new age employee engagement system is designed to help enterprises boost employee engagement levels and retain the top talent with ease.

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