Infographics Blog on Global HR Statistics 2021

As another year begins, it's time again to watch out for the trends that are all set to grab the spotlight for the entire year. It's not just an exciting experience to get a sneak peek into the future but also knowledge of the upcoming trends helps you to be better prepared to identify the challenges if any. Understanding the trends gives you the upper hand as you know what to expect and how to make your product catch up with the predicted demands of the market.

Every domain has its own share of trends to look for and the most effective way to predict key trends is to study the current patterns closely. Statistics and data make this possible and today we bring to you an infographics blog that showcases a few key statistics that would define the trends in Human Resource Management – one of the most instrumental departments in organisations today.

Therefore, we have seen that when we study the statistics carefully, we come to the conclusion that automation of HR processes is something that HR teams today cannot ignore. Advanced HR software such as
Digital HRMS is designed to automate every HR process and accelerate HR productivity and efficiency. New age HR platforms are also designed to help enterprises make employee management more effective.

If we observe the trends in 2021, we see that remote work is all set to be the biggest buzzword in 2021 as well and the technology used for remote work will gradually become more popular as people become familiar with technology and realize the potential of remote work in contributing towards team productivity.

As work from home becomes the norm, the HR department in organizations would be required to make certain changes in the company policy to make way for flexible schedules for the employees. In fact, experts predict that we might never go back to the usual way of working that was the norm before the advent of the pandemic.

As large number of employees work from home, it becomes the responsibility of the HR department to allow employees to access training and skill development sessions online. This will be a major trend in 2021 and beyond. We shall witness a growing requirement for advanced HR software to facilitate employee training and other employee management functions online. Employee training will grow in significance as enterprises prefer to train existing employees rather than recruiting new employees. These trends help us understand the future of HR and the role of HR in the near future.

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