Infographics Blog on Interesting Digital Onboarding Statistics

What is onboarding? It is the process through which the new hires become a part of the team. While the process of recruitment provides the company with the best talent out there, the onboarding process helps create that all important first impression of the professionalism of the company as well as its warmth towards its employees, for the new people walking through the door.

In fact, studies have testified the fact that an effective employee onboarding process can have a long-standing impact on the willingness of the new hires to continue working for the company in the long run. With the advent of automated HR software platforms, enterprises have discovered an all new way of managing employee digital onboarding to great success. The following infographics showcases some key statistics on digital onboarding and its impact on the onboarding experience for employees today.

Digital HRMS is an automated modular HR software that offers dedicated modules for every HR function.

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The Employee Management module of Digital HRMS is designed to automate the process of employee management, including digital onboarding of employees. The key features of the digital onboarding platform are as follows:

  • Addition, modification and deletion of employee details
  • Employee history easily accessible
  • Provision to fetch names of recruited employees for digital onboarding process
  • Continuation of extensive background verification before employee onboarding and even after joining
  • Provision for offering global access to employees by Admin
  • Effortless employee allocation to the designated process as the next step to employee onboarding
  • Employee can view work anniversaries and birthdays of other employees on the Home Page
  • Skill and competency management
  • Pop-up alerts if incorrect information is entered
  • Approval can be reassigned by Admin
  • Detailed reports and email notifications
  • Dynamic workflows
  • Environmental issues addressed with minimal paperwork

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