Infographics Blog on Key Human Resource Management Statistics

Human resource management has come a long way in the last decade or so, and over the years, the roles and responsibilities of the HR department have evolved significantly. Today HR management has moved on from the age-old traditional paper-based process towards more of an automated process. The new age HR Management software platforms have been a part of this evolution of the way the HR department functions.

If you have always wanted to know some interesting facts from the world of Human Resource Management, we have brought them for you. Just refer to the infographics below for some quick Human Resource Management Statistics.

The new age HR 
Management software has contributed significantly to the way HR management process stands today. Digital HRMS is an example of an HR software that is designed to help enterprises implement complete automation of HR processes and boost HR productivity and efficiency. It is an automated HR Management software that offers dedicated modules for every HR function.

That was some interesting Human Resource Management statistics, isn’t it? A modern HR software, Digital HRMS is customizable with a modular structure. This allows enterprises to pick and choose a specific set of modules, to build their own version of an HR Management software, paying for only what they want. The following are the benefits offered by a new age HR software platform like Digital HRMS:

  • Streamlined recruitment process
  • Paperless Employee Management System
  • Employee information at one central location
  • Policy document at your fingertips
  • Employees have control over basic services
  • Leave and attendance of employees on a single platform
  • Maximized efficiency and productivity with resource allocation
  • Employee productivity management with automated time tracking
  • Ensured fair appraisal for all employees
  • Employee Training Requirements on a Single Platform
  • Quick and easy way to schedule in-person meetings
  • Effortless Management of Travel Requests
  • Streamlined Process of Reimbursements
  • Automated Reports at the Click of a Button

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