Paperless HR Software: A Step Towards a Green Planet

In the world that we live in, one of the most pressing issues is that of climate change. The planet is experiencing significant changes in temperature, with the rate of increase in temperature (every decade) having doubled since the 1980s. The causes of global warming and the change in climate are many, one of the primary reasons being deforestation i.e. the loss of forest cover across the globe. In order to raise awareness about the ill effects of deforestation on our lives and that of our future generations, the United Nations has declared 21st March as the International Day of Forests.

So, now the biggest question is how can you and me contribute towards a greener planet? Thankfully, the global move towards digitalization is a welcome change in favour of our planet. Wondering how? Well, digitalization has made us move from paper to the digital space. The tasks that involved enormous amounts of paperwork are now being executed digitally through software applications.

Digitalization has created the need for tools and platforms to help enterprises go completely paperless with management of business operations. Talking about the management of Human Resources functions or HR functions, we have the new age HR Software that has helped the HR department in enterprises today go paperless and take a significant step towards the environment and a greener planet.

The management of HR functions and employee lifecycle involves several processes that earlier involved extensive paperwork, such as employee onboarding, employee separation, performance evaluation, employee details management, payroll, to name a few. However, with the advent of the HRMS software, the HR department has the power to say no to the use of paper. It’s a move that has resulted in cost savings for the enterprises as well.

Here we shall look at some of the HR functions that, even a few decades earlier, were hard to imagine without the use paper and how they have been automated by the new age HR Software.

1] Leave Requests

Leave application requests were earlier all about applications on paper and the need to maintain all of that paper in files for future reference. Today, all it takes is a leave request raised on the HR software and its approval is given on the platform itself! What’s more, the leave history of each employee is maintained digitally on the database for quick report generation.

2] Employee Performance Management

Performance management used to be a challenge with so many parameters to maintain the data for and so many employees, often resulting in efforts of employees not fully recognized. Today, the HR software has completely streamlined the performance management system, with data available at the click of a button for detailed analysis as and when required.

3] Employee Productivity

The Timesheets module offered by the new age HR software has revolutionized the way the HR department used to track employee productivity and the time spent on tasks and projects, on individual level as well as the team level.

4] Employee Attendance Management

Do you still remember the days when the employees used to mark their attendance for the day on a register placed at the entrance door to the office? Thanks to the HR software, the Admin no longer has to maintain countless registers as a record of employee attendance for months and years. The automated attendance tracking platform is synced with the biometric attendance recorder for a seamless attendance recording process that is far more tamper proof than it used to be earlier.

5] Employee Onboarding & Separation

Perhaps the HR processes involving the most paperwork have always been the employee onboarding process and separation process, with so many formalities to take care of, forms to be filled, employee details to be recorded, copies of address proof, qualifications documents, experience letters, and the list is seemingly endless. Imagine the amount of paper that used to be consumed for every employee! Thanks to the HR software we have today, all of the paperwork has been drastically reduced, with all the data being stored digitally in the HR software platform for easy retrieval.

6] Travel & Expenses

In the earlier days, before the advent of the HR software, travel and expenses management used to be another process involving a lot of paperwork. Right from tickets for the entire itinerary, travel bills, food bills, transportation expenses, and more, it was all about loads of paper to manage. Today, everything is managed digitally on the HR software platform, and even reimbursements are made via a complexly digitalized process.

In addition to the HR functions we discussed above, there are many other HR functions that have been completely digitalized and automated with the help of the advanced HR software that we have today. Hence, it is safe to conclude that switching to an automated HR management approach is a great step for your enterprise to reduce the carbon footprint and contribute towards making the earth a more habitable planet for generations to come.

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