Top 5 Big Data Trends You Cannot Ignore in 2021

There are many aspects to Big Data that make it so much more significant to the enterprises of today. Analysis of Big Data empowers organizations today to make informed business decisions based on the insights derived from Big Data. With the advanced Big Data Analytics platforms accessible to enterprises, we are moving towards the era where Big Data ceases to be less of a challenge and more of an opportunity for large and even small to medium enterprises.

Today, we have the advanced new age data analytics platforms like 3RDi Search, that enable enterprises to bring out the relevant deep insights from Big Data, thereby making it possible to use the insights to create improved customer experience and get a better understanding of customer expectations as well as the market trends. Not just that, Big Data enables the enterprises to boost efficiency and also gain an edge over the competition.

Top Trends in Big Data to Look For
So, understanding the significance of Big Data makes one curious of the possibilities that the future holds. What can we expect in the near future when it comes to Big Data and its analytics? Let’s take a look at the top trends.

1] Next Level Application of Artificial Intelligence
The firms that find the most efficient technique of integrating the advanced AI technologies into their business operations will benefit the most in the current scenario. AI, on the other hand, aids data transformation into more useful forms (actionable data). Because smarter machines are a must for all enterprises, we should expect a lot more effort and application of AI technology in the future.

2] Rise of IoT
We now find ourselves at a crossroads of great convenience because of the Internet of Things (IoT). With this technology, we can practically manage everything from home appliances to travel bookings with virtual assistants like Google Home and Siri are assisting us in navigating the actual potential of these technologies.

Data is one of the pillars of IoT technology; because it is always on, it has a lot more potential for data collection. As the demand for virtual assistants grows, there will be a larger demand for devices that can collect and handle large volumes of data.

3] Next Level of Cybersecurity with Hybrid Cloud
Today, cybersecurity is becoming a major concern, and businesses are responding by incorporating Big Data into their overall cybersecurity strategy. This trend is expected to continue in the future, with organizations relying only on data and security log data to prevent and mitigate risk of threats and intrusions.

Businesses are turning to hybrid clouds to address the issue of data security in the cloud. This approach allows one or more public clouds to function in tandem with one or more private clouds, resulting in a more comprehensive environment where mobile app security is a top priority.

4] Rise in Scope for Data-as-a-Service
Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) has been assisting organizations in effortlessly moving data from one platform to another without having to worry about vendor lock-ins or concerns with accessibility, administration, or collaboration regarding data. As a result, it is expected to be in the spotlight in the future.

Data-as-a-Service refers to using shared areas to access data online. It's handy for employees in large companies who wish to transfer massive amounts of data between departments but can't do so, due to technological constraints. In organizations, DaaS architecture will serve as a central hub, increasing productivity and efficiency. This approach also involves integrating and storing data at one location, making it simple to maintain.

5] Edge Computing to be the Next Big Thing
Edge computing, hailed as a new technological frontier, is on its way to becoming an industry norm. As the Internet of Things (IoT) and linked devices become more common, there is a greater demand for data from as many sources as possible. Edge computing aids in the speeding up of data processing and the delivery of faster responses to users.

Edge computing provides a significantly more efficient experience overall since it speeds the data gathering and uploading process. Furthermore, enterprises implementing it can benefit from the advantages of storage by saving money on infrastructure costs.

The field of Big Data Analytics is continually developing. Though it has been widely used since the beginning of the millennium, its application and scope are expected to grow with the passage of time with emergence of additional technical advancements.

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