What the HR Experts Say on Recruitment in 2020

When it comes to the year 2020, it has been quite a singular year so far. The year had a big impact on how enterprises operate, because of the global pandemic and the subsequent lockdown and restrictions on movement. Enterprises big and small have been affected and the impact on the global economy has been significant as well. It has been months already since the pandemic first hit us, but even today people have little options other than restricting themselves within the confines of their homes. A large number of people all across the globe are still working remotely and businesses are conducting all operations remotely, including HR functions and recruitment.

When we look at recruitment in 2020, there’s the Covid-19 factor that we simply cannot ignore. However, there’s technology today in the form of advanced HR software like Digital HRMS, that is helping us sail through these difficult times and we simply cannot imagine business operations today without the technology that we currently have access to. In fact, the new age HR software has helped the HR team to Here we look into what 4 experts have to say on recruitment in 2020, the new age recruitment management system and what we can expect or look forward to this year.

1] People Analytics is the fastest growing area of HR and Recruitment – David Green

David Green, globally recognized executive consultant on people analytics and data-driven HR, insists on the significance of People Analytics on recruitment in 2020 and beyond, and how a HR software with HR analytics functionality can help. David says that people analytics is the fastest growing area of HR and recruitment and is an all new approach that involves use of data and insights for making informed decisions using a recruitment management system, rather than trusting one’s gut instincts. David writes in his blog for recruitment professionals, “Make friends with analytics practitioners in Finance, Marketing and IT. Their experience in obtaining, cleaning and analysing data will be invaluable in giving you a head start. Moreover, if you want to solve business problems, you will need access to more than just HR data.” It’s all about combining recruiting data with customer data, he says.

2] Artificial intelligence will be another successful big new technology – Bill Kutik

Bill Kutik, globally recognized HR Technology columnist, explains how artificial intelligence (AI) is the future of HR as well as recruitmentand how the new age HR software will be powered by AI. According to him, AI has the same potential to emerge as a breakthrough technology in HR & recruitment as the “Client/Server” technology did in the late 1980s. He mentions in his blog where he talks about how AI based recruitment platforms, which are a part of the HR software today, are the way to go, “Like the very best applicant tracking systems, Olivia [AI based platforms today] can be told who your organization’s top competitors are and fast track any applicant to a human recruiter who has worked for one. The same for anyone with skills you desperately need.”

3] Make sure every ‘deal’ you plan to do, every new strategy, every new hire, is only ever agreed to, once you know the cash implications. – Greg Savage

Greg Savage, an established global recruitment industry leader and a regular keynote speaker, insists on how the post Covid19 world will be all about companies forced to focus on the dollars in their banks. Only the big enterprises will be in a position to spend on hiring the right candidates. Greg explains how most companies never take the efforts to analyse their finances and are happy with the supposed illusion of high profits on paper. He writes in his blog stating the significance of having liquid money and why it should be the focus when businesses chose to sign deals or even hire new employees, “I know of several recruitment companies that have gone into liquidation, have read of dozens more, and there are no doubt hundreds,

maybe thousands across the world who suffered a similar fate. Remember. It’s not numbers, percentages or ratios you put in the bank. It is dollars. However, with customizable HR software platforms available, HR technology will no longer be limited to the large enterprises alone.

4] The future will make everyone able to recruit for themselves – Karen Azulai

Karen Azulai, HR Tech Evangelist, believes that the future will be all about simplifying the process of recruitment to the fullest. She believes that the tools and HR software platforms of the future will be so advanced that recruitment will be simpler than what we can imagine today. Karen mentions in her blog, “I envisioned most of the stand-alone applications we see today, advanced sourcing tools becoming part of a “mega one-stop-shop platform” (there can be several of them) that will be so user-friendly that basically ANYONE who needs to recruit and will have access to such platforms will be able, in 1-click from his mobile phone to launch a search and qualify potential candidates WITHOUT the aid of a sourcer or recruiter. That means – that the PROFESIONAL MANAGER, hell, ANYONE will be recruiting for him or herself.”

So, that was what some renowned HR experts had to say on recruitment. The outbreak of the pandemic did have a huge impact on businesses across the globe and this will affect the recruitment of new talent in a big way. However, there is technology in the form of the new age recruitment management system that helps businesses vary on with business operations, including recruitment, even in these times of crisis.
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