5 Tips on Administering Employee Surveys

Employee surveys are a great tool to discover the sentiments of the employees in an organisation and collect their inputs on issues like employee benefits, employee engagement and virtually on every other aspect pertaining to the employees and their work environment. Surveys, if conducted successfully, can help enterprises derive significant insights on employee perspective and also get access to their feedback and inputs on various aspects. In other words, surveys help the enterprise learn more about what the employees are thinking, what motivates them and whether they are dealing with issues and challenges. However, to get the best results out of a survey, it is important to execute it in the right way. 

A survey management software can go a long way in helping enterprises and the HR team conduct surveys effectively and even anonymously if required. Digital HRMS is an example of a survey management software  that makes it easy and quick to add questions to surveys and share the surveys with the employees for their participation. The Survey management software platform of Digital HRMS allows you to create anonymous and confidential surveys easily and generate customized reports from the data. 

However, a Survey management software alone cannot help you streamline employee surveys, and what you need is to follow some best practices for successful employee surveys. Here are some tips to help you get started.

1] Define the Goals of the Survey

The very first thing you should consider when planning  employee surveys is defining its goal or objective. It can be anything pertaining to the employees or the organisation, right from seeking feedback on a particular aspect to analysing factors responsible for better employee performance. With no objective in place, a survey will be of little use. Also, having a goal in place will make it easy to draft the questions for the employee surveys, and then you can use a survey management software to pick and choose questions or add questions of your choice.

2] Decide on a Timeline for the Survey

The timeline is an important factor when it comes to successful surveys. Research shows that most of the submissions come in within the first three days of announcing the survey, and that should ideally be the timeline for submission. The best way to go about it would be making the employees fill the survey form then and there. This approach ensures everyone fills the form and organises get the data they need within the shortest possible time. Thankfully, a survey management software makes this easy with timely reminders to the employees to fill the survey.

3] Responses through Multiple Channels

When planning a survey, it should be taken care of that there are more than one channel for submitting the responses. Allow employees to respond via Email, fill the details on paper, fill the form on an online survey management software platform like Digital HRMS, and the likes. Today, enterprise mobility is fast growing and that makes access to multiple online channels and that makes access to multiple online channels and platforms easier. This will make it easier for employees from different departments to participate in the survey.

4] Make Sure to Keep it Anonymous

The very point of conducting a service to allowed the employees to voice their opinions without being judged. This makes it extremely important to conduct the survey anonymously. Only an anonymous survey will make it possible for employees to share suggestions honestly without any hesitation. The best way to ensure this is to use a survey management software platform like Digital HRMS that enables the employees to complete the survey anonymously.

5] Share Results and Take Actions

Once the employees have submitted their survey suggestions, the HR department should ensure that they share the results of the survey with the employees. This will help the employees understand how they have collectively responded to the survey. Once everyone is on the same page regarding what needs to be done,

it is very important for the HR department to implement the suggestions from the employees, because it motivates them to share their thoughts.

So, that was about 5 key tips on organising employee surveys in organisations successfully. Surveys, if planned and executed well, can help Enterprises connect with the employees and understand their perceptions. Also, the insights can help bring in positive changes that benefit the organisation. Want to implement effective employee surveys with a powerful survey management software? Visit www.digitalhrms.com.
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