5 Ways You Can Enhance Employee Engagement with HRMS Software

According to a Gallup report, the average engagement level across the organizations in the U.S is merely 34%.

This shows that in spite of all the efforts made by most organizations, the employee engagement level is still far below what one would expect. So, how do organizations enhance the employee engagement levels? Well, while there are different ways to ensure employees are happy and motivated, a powerful HRMS software can be a great investment towards increasing employee engagement. Wondering how? A new age HRMS software, like Digital HRMS developed by The Digital Group, is built with features to benefit the HR department, the organization as well as the employees of the organization.

After all, employees will be motivated to work dedicatedly when they are happy and feel valued, and this involves taking little things into consideration, such as the experience of onboarding, regular feedback for their work, appreciation for a job done well, transparency in operations, and so on. Here we shall look at how a HRMS software can play a key role in helping you enhance the employee engagement levels in your organization.

1] Give Your Employees the Key to Information they Need
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Transparency is the first benefit we shall talk about today. A HRMS software ensures all the employees are able to get a clear awareness and understanding of the employee policy, as well as the various other policies in the organization. The HR department can easily add the policies under the designated sections of the HRMS software, and all that an employee needs to do is login to the platform. This way, employees become well aware of the leave policies, employee benefit policies, provident fund and other schemes. In the same way, it also allows the HR department one click access to key information about the employees, such as skill sets, experience, etc. This ensures seamless resource allocation as it’s easy to find the most relevant candidate for a certain role.

2] Make that all important First Impression with a Systematic Approach to Onboarding

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We all know that first impressions matter, don’t we? When we talk about the interaction between a new employee and the organizations, the onboarding process is where the employee really gets to know how systematic and organized the people at the organizations are. A HRMS software can ensure this interaction leaves a positive impression in the minds of the employee and make them eager to be a part of the team. Right from offering the new employee a consolidated view of all the key information in one location, to helping them get familiar with the organization policies and complete the onboarding formalities in a few quick steps, a HRMS software can really make a new employee feel at ease and allow them to focus on their responsibilities.

3] Provide a Common Platform for Collaborative Activities

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The new age HRMS software offers employees of the organization a platform to collaborate for activities, such as surveys and group activities, and even sharing feedback and suggestions to the organization. Also, the HRMS software can be integrated with the social media profiles of the organization to plan and conduct activities with the entire team on the social media platforms. The software also offers the option to conduct online virtual training sessions for the entire organization or a few teams, as and when required. Activities like this can really help employees connect and boost engagement at the same time.

4] Make Your Employees Feel More in Control


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A new age HRMS software is designed to make your employees be in control as they get the option to perform some key tasks on the platform. When your organization invests in a HR software, the employees are no longer required to contact the HR department for every minute tasks or information. For example, with a traditional paper-based system, the employee has to consult the HR for details like their leave balance, leave history, working hours completed in a certain week, and so on. However, there’s no need for this when your organization has an automated HRMS system. With a few clicks, employees can get all the details and even perform tasks like submitting and tracking leave applications, planning vacations with ease, requesting business cards, etc. This self-service approach makes the employee feel more in control as they don’t have to depend on others for the basic things.

5] Ensure Fair Appraisals and Incentives

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Incentives, perks and performance appraisals are key motivating factors affecting employee engagement in an organization. However, unfair appraisals are worse than no appraisals at all, and so it is very important for every organization to ensure the employees get the appraisals they deserve. An automated HRMS software offers automated performance assessment for every employee and even allows them to rate their performance and skills on the assessment form. This can go a long way in making the employee feel empowered, as a transparent appraisal process translates to happy employees.

Thus, we see that a human resource management software or HRMS can indeed make a lot of difference when it comes to taking the employee engagement in your organization to a higher level. This is, however, only one of the many benefits offered by the software. A HR software today is designed to automate every functionality of the HR department, and add to its productivity and efficiency.

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