A Look at Employee Benefits in the Post Covid-19 World

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in significant changes in the way businesses operate, including their business policies as well as the policies for the employees. The employee-enterprise equation has also been a part of the change, with employees working remotely. As the employees are no longer required to come to the office premises to work, the benefits that proved to be very useful earlier may no longer be relevant. This is a cause of concern for enterprises globally and HR departments across the globe are analyzing the impact of remote work on employee benefits and the possible changes. Let us take a look at what to expect.

Focus on Mental Well Being

Almost every enterprise across the globe today offers medical welfare schemes for their employees, as a part of their employee benefits program. However, as remote work involves working for long hours from within the confines of one’s home, with very little scope for social interaction, it often has negative impact on the psychology of the employees. So, the post pandemic era would call for inclusion of assistance to employee counselling sessions that will become a mandatory part of the employee benefits policy. Also, flexible working policies will help employees balance their work and personal life more effectively, thus reducing stress and risks of burnout.

Usual Benefits Go Virtual

Most organizations these days offer multiple benefits to the employees, such as memberships to clubs, gyms, event passes and the likes. All these are a part of the employee benefits program. With the restrictions on socializing brought forth by the Covid-19 pandemic, most of these benefits would serve little purpose and the employee benefits policy would require a major overhaul. So, many  enterprises across the globe have taken the smart step of tweaking these benefits to make them more relevant to remote work, through ideas like paid online sessions, paid memberships to online entertainment portals, and more. It’s all about getting creative!

Need for More Sick Leaves

We live in uncertain times these days, with the risk of Covid-19 infection looming over. This has prompted employees to seek for more sick leaves as a part of their employee benefits program, in case they are diagnosed with the respiratory illness. If we fail to contain the spread of the virus in near future, then the provision for more sick leaves for employees, in case they get infected with Covid-19, would be something that the enterprises would seriously consider, more so for the employees who, due to the nature of their jobs, are required to return to the office.

Need for More Virtual Team Building Events

While remote work has allowed many employees to spend time with their family as they work from their homes, what people really tend to miss out on is the time spent with the team and colleagues. The office events, celebration of festivals, the watercooler conversations, all of that is being missed. This has led to employees seeking out more of virtual team building events to find an opportunity to connect with their buddies in the office. This is one of those employee benefits that are definitely the need of the hour for employees today!

So, that was about the employee benefits that have come to the fore, as a result of the remote work. Enterprises across the globe are seriously considering revisiting their employee benefits policy to make it more relevant to the current scenario, or what we know as the “new normal”.

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