Discover Ways We all Can Use SEO Everyday

Over 1.2 trillion searches are processed by the search engine giant Google in a single day!

This shows how we as a generation trust Google for all the information we need. And with every passing day, the algorithms of Google are evolving to keep the spam content and websites away from the search engine results page (SERP) and only present high quality results for the users.

Over the years, Google has launched several updates to tackle the issue of spam and irrelevant content on the SERP and today, it is more challenging for webmasters to have their website rank at the top of the SERPs.

However, if you have always thought that SEO is something that is only meant for the webmasters and website owners, think again! There are countless ways in which SEO forms a part of our everyday lives. In other words, every time we use a search engine to look for some information, there is SEO at work behind the scenes, to ensure we find the most relevant facts and data. If there was no one working on optimising the content of the websites, even Google could do little to help us find the information we need, without having to browse through pages and pages of search results.

Here we shall look into the few ways in which SEO has an impact on the information we get access to when interacting with a search engine regarding our query.

1] Finding the Nearest Ice Cream Parlour

Have you ever observed that sometimes the most popular ice cream parlour fails to show up on the Google SERP when you try looking for it? What do you think can be the reason? Well, the simple reason is that the keywords for which that particular Ice cream parlour listing or website was optimised, do not match with the keywords you enter on Google when you search for it. However, tweak the words in your query a little and it shows up as if by magic. That's SEO at work!

2] Finding a Course for Your Dream Career

We all have a dream will comes to what we want to achieve in life and sometimes learning a new skill or getting the right degree is the first step towards our goals. But how do you find it? Well, just google it as the say! While you are searching for it, you must use the right set of keywords to find the most optimised and the most relevant results. The suggestions by Google can help you get started.

3] Find Answers to a Puzzle/Question

let's admit it, many of us give in to the temptation of seeking Google's help to solve puzzles. The fact that we have access to information at the click of a button, also means that we can find answers to all our questions on Google. However, the trick is to use the right set of keywords to find the answers you are looking for. This brings out the SEO expert in you!

4] Grabbing the Best Deals Online

We all indulge in online shopping once in a while. While we shop online, we look for a good deal or discount. Many shoppers even look for the same product on multiple eCommerce websites for comparing and then

purchase from the website that offers the lowest price. Why this looks simple, it would never be possible without search engine optimisation and use of the right set of keywords.

5] Looking for Smart Captions

Whether it's a status update on WhatsApp on your next Instagram post, we often find ourselves looking for one-liners or quotes that we can use o caption our photographs or videos. We turn to Google search for this and it's only when we use the right keywords, does the search engine show us what we were looking for.

So, we see that every bit of information on the world wide web is about SEO, which means even if we don't realise it, SEO does play a role in our lives in the digital world. It's all there for a reason and SEO is instrumental in helping us find the most relevant content, every single time.
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