How Digital HRMS is the Solution to HR Challenges in the Times of Covid-19

The year 2020 so far has been a challenge to deal with for each one of us and enterprises are no different. The multiple changes brought in by the pandemic in the way businesses operate, is beyond what one could ever imagine. With the negative repercussions on the economy, and the stress caused by the isolated environment that employees are working in, the HR department of every enterprise out there is faced with a challenging situation.

The changes in the work culture has also brought in its own share of challenges when it comes to employee management. The following are two key challenges faced by the HR department in the current scenario where enterprises are struck with the effects of the pandemic

  • The sudden switch to remote work has created several challenges, most of which are unexpected. The HR is struggling to come up with ways to overcome the challenges and build a stronger workforce.
  • Offer support to employees and gather updates from them in real time.
  • Monitoring employee productivity and tracking working hours of employees
  • Organising wellness programs to help employees overcome mental health issues like stress and anxiety
  • Current HR processes not being fast enough to respond to the queries and issues faced by the employees
  • Providing employees with the most effective communication channels to help them stay connected and collaborate on projects effectively
  • The remote work scenario has taken its toll on employee engagement, which is a challenge for the HR
  • Sharing policies and guidelines with the employees who are working remotely
  • Maintaining a healthy work environment for all the employees and taking measures to keep negativity at bay
  • Conducting training sessions for employees you can no longer come together for a session in one of the conference rooms in the premises of the office

The challenges, unfortunately, are many but the HR department can overcome most of these challenges with the help of an advanced HR software. The Digital HRMS software is a good example.

Digital HRMS is an HRMS software that is designed to help the HR department overcome multiple challenges. The HRMS software platform seamlessly automates HR functions and allows the HR personnel to save time and efforts. A powerful HR management software, Digital HRMS is what every HR department needs in order to overcome the challenges of remote work. The HR management software offers dedicated modules Here we shall understand how a 
HRMS software platform like Digital HRMS is what the enterprises need in order to overcome the challenges in the current scenario.

  • Multiple functionalities to make it easier for the HR to support remote employees
  • Provides remote employees working from different locations on the globe, a single platform to stay connected and communicate.
  • The HR Help Desk feature of Digital HRMS software allows employees to connect with the HR when required to get their issues addressed.
  • Timeport module of the HR management software allows employees to enter the work logs and also their working hours
  • The Digital HRMS software offers an intuitive dashboard makes communication with the employees easy as the employees can access important announcements made by the HR on the dashboard itself.
  • Employee self service module allows employees to perform administrative tasks themselves by logging onto the HR management platform, thus reducing the dependency on HR and making the process faster
  • Provision for employees to communicate using the chat feature of the employee management software, without leaving the platform
  • Provision for HR to take steps towards boosting employee engagement with the help of the employee management software
  • Provision for HR to share documents with employees with ease and even get them attested on the employee management software platform itself
  • Facilitates complete management of online training for employees through the HRMS software, so that remote work can't stop employees from learning and broadening their horizons

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