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Millennials, or Generation Y as they are also known as, are the new generation of employees - young professionals who, according to popular opinion, are born between 1981 and 1996. They are the generation that has witnessed the advancement of Technology while growing up and are tech savvy with an interesting and fresh perspective about the world. They are young, talented and have the drive to make a difference. Organisations today are realising the perks of hiring these young minds to form a dynamic team that drives business success. The infographics below shows the reasons enterprises should hire the new generation of employees.


So, what do you feel about hiring millennials?

1] They bring in a fresh perspective

Millennials are young professionals who bring in a fresh perspective to the scheme of things. More often than not, millennials are innovative individuals who think of new ways to carry out the marketing activities or promote a product. What's more, they are the new generation of employees who are more in tune with what the users want today and this can be an advantage for the enterprise.

2] They are the masterminds of Technology

The new generation of employees are much more tech savvy than the older generations and understand Technology much better. In today's times of digitalization, when enterprises are investing in technology for the HR department as well as other departments, the millennials can be the forerunners to the execution of this initiative.

3] They are good team players

Many have the perception that the new generation of employees have the "me first" approach, but that's not the case. They are good team players and work well in a collaborative environment. They seek a good work culture that motivates them to brainstorm together to come up with innovative ideas.

4] They know how to use social media

Just as the new generation 
of employees is tech savvy, they are also very much familiar with social media. They have grown up using social media which makes the know the ins and outs. Since this is the age of digitalization of communication with social media, hiring the young professionals can help enterprises make the best use of social media for marketing and other purposes.

5] It’s cost effective to hire them

With the increasing competition for experienced candidates, finding the right candidate can be a tough job, to say the least. The young 
new generation of employees can fill this gap for enterprises and what they probably lack in terms of experience, they can often make it up with the drive for success along with their out-of-the-box thinking and loyalty.

So, that was about some of the key benefits of recruiting millennials, who are the 
new generation of employees, to be a part of your team. They mostly care for the bigger picture and work really hard to execute a vision they believe in. They prove to be a good addition to any team, and are the best fit in the current times of digitalization.

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