Onboarding New Talent with Digital HRMS: Effective Onboarding with an Advanced HR Software

Onboarding is defined as the entire process of bringing new talent on board to be a part of the organisation. It is the onboarding process that determines the level of engagement of the new hires and how long they are going to continue with the new job.

A research by Jobvite indicates that a significant portion of new hires are likely to quit the company within the first 90 days of joining.

Hence, an onboarding process that is designed to connect to the employee can be a significant factor that makes the new employee feel at home in the new atmosphere of the company. It can inspire him or her to make up their mind to continue with the organisation, within the first few days of joining.

According to a SilkRoad Technology report, organisations that have a clearly outlined onboarding process enjoy 82% higher new employee retention, as compared to the organisations that do not have one.

In order to create a successful onboarding experience for every new hire who walks in through the door, it's important for organisations to follow some proven best practices. While many organisations do follow what it takes to create a good onboarding experience, the current Global crisis brought forth by the Covid-19 pandemic, has made it challenging. With the entire workforce, including the HR and recruitmentdepartments, working from home, onboarding in the current scenario is missing one of the most important factor, which is interactive communication.

To address this challenge, what Enterprises need today is an advanced HR software that is designed to streamline the entire onboarding process, right from day one till the time the employee has made himself or herself familiar with the organisation culture and has gained complete knowledge about their role in the organisation. Digital HRMS is an example of an HR software that takes care of every step of the onboarding process, making it easy for the HR department as well as the new employee.

Remote Employee Onboarding with Digital HRMS

The fact that Digital HRMS offers an integrated module for effectively managing and overseeing every step of the onboarding process, means that it can be easily used for onboarding of new hires, even when everyone involved is remotely connected.

1] Add new Employee
With Digital HRMS, adding the details of the new employee is easier than ever and can be completed even remotely. All that the HR needs to do is create a login ID for the employee in Digital HRMS and then ask them to login and fill in the required details, like address, contact details, skills, experience, etc.

2] Employee Bulk Update
This feature makes it easy for the HR team to add multiple employees to Digital HRMS at one go. This is especially useful when hiring multiple candidates for a similar position or hiring candidates for different positions across departments in the organization.

3] Bulk Document Import
Through this tab, the HR can import documents of multiple employees at one go. This ensures that the HR can import important documents submitted by the different new hires just through a few clicks on the HRMS software. So, no matter how many employees are being hired remotely, Digital HRMS ensures their documents are managed well.

4] Background Verification
The background verification of every employee is an essential protocol of the onboarding process, and using Digital HRMS, the HR can keep track of the verification process for each new employee on a single platform. This can be extremely convenient and is a great step to ensure nobody is missed out from the verification process.

In addition to the points mentioned above, Digital HRMS makes it possible to send notifications to all employees in the organization, introducing them to the new employee. Also, the new employee can login to Digital HRMS using their credentials to learn about their team members, organizational policies, list of holidays in the year, events coming up, recent blogs published, and many more information. This helps them to get to discover and connect with the organization and its culture, even before they have met any of their team members.

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