Recruitment with Digital HRMS: Powerful Features of New Age Recruitment Platforms

Did you know? By 2030, experts predict that the Global human talent shortage will be around 85 million people.

This clearly indicates that we are currently dealing with the issue of talent shortage and this is only set to increase in magnitude in the coming years. Hence, in the years to come, the competition for the best talent will be on the rise, say experts, and this calls for more efficient recruitment strategies to be adopted by the recruitment teams today.

In order to emerge successful in finding the right talent, recruitment teams must find the tools to connect to a wider talent pool. The trick is to use a software platform that allows the recruiters to keep a tab on every step of the recruitment process and also provide updates to all the stakeholders as and when required.

The solution comes in the form of a new age recruitment platform with advanced features to simplify the recruitment process and make it more effective.
Digital HRMS is an example of a recruitment platform that has all the features required for effective management of the entire recruitment process – right from creating a resource requisition slip (RRS) to pre-onboarding of the new hires.

The Digital HRMS platform helps in hiring and training new employees and here we shall look at the features of the platform which make it the right tool for recruiters.

1] RRS Dashboard

The RRS Dashboard provides you with the ability to create a Resource Requisition Slip (RRS) and manage all requisitions through the RRS grid. The Create RRS feature allows the Business Unit (BU) heads to create RRS for open positions in their team or department. It also has special features like auto-population of data and cloning.

2] Shortlisting Dashboard

The Shortlisting Dashboard is used for candidate profile shortlisting. After RRS is created, it is assigned to a particular recruiter who then extracts relevant candidate profiles for that RRS from online job portals. All candidate details are populated in the Add Candidate page.

3] Interview Dashboard

The Interview Dashboard displays all scheduled interviews and interviews that have been conducted. It also displays information about pending feedbacks, current status of candidates, and at what stage of the recruitment process the candidate has reached.

4] Candidate Dashboard

On the Candidate Dashboard, the Recruiter can enter all the details about the shortlisted candidates, including professional details. This dashboard is primarily for Hiring Managers to get a complete picture of the candidates being processed for their units.

5] Candidate Referral

The Candidate Referral page is for the employees to refer candidates for the open positions in the organisation. The employees can upload resume of the referral candidate along with basic details which is shared with the recruitment team.

6] View Job Postings

The View Job Postings page displays the open positions across various departments in the organisation. Once recruiters are assigned a RRS, they create and upload job postings on the Digital HRMS platform as well as on the Careers page of the corporate website.

7] Candidate Tracker

The Candidate Tracker showcases a list of candidates who have cleared all the rounds of interviews and their names need to be sent for hiring approval. This page shows all the details of the candidates.

8] Resume Bank

The Resume Bank is an online database of resumes of the candidates who have been rejected at any stage of the shortlisting or interview process. The recruiters can tag resumes from the Resume Bank to another RRS, if applicable, for reuse.

9] Pre-Onboarding

Pre-onboarding takes care of most of the formalities of joining before day one to welcome new hires and put them at ease before they start working. It is the process that precedes the process of employee onboarding.

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