Why a Good HRMS Software is a Win-Win Solution for Employers & Employees

Today, organizations across the globe are switching to digitization in order to connect with users who are increasingly going digital, as well as to stay relevant in a highly competitive market. Digitization of an enterprise involves automation of the operations of every department. With this objective, organizations are investing in software to automate the processes. Like every other department, the HR department of new age organizations are also switching to automation. The HR department plays a very important role in an organization, and the number of organizations worldwide that have invested in automation of HR processes with the help of a HRMS software, has slowly been on the rise in the last decade. Consider this:

47% of companies have HR software that is over seven years old.

This statistic by Deloitte shows that the last decade or so has witnessed the growth in the popularity of the HR software. However, there are still a large number of organizations that are stuck with the traditional paper-based system. So, the question they are probably asking is, “Why invest in a HR software and what are its benefits?” Well, the answer is simple – a HRMS software, like Digital HRMS, is a win-win solution for both, the employee as well as the employer. In this blog, we shall find out how both, the employee as well as the employer can benefit by investing in such a software.

HRMS Software 
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What are the Benefits for the Employer?

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The following are the benefits that investing in a HRMS software brings to the employer of an organization.

  1. The HRMS software serves as a platform that reflects the core HR policies of the organization.
  2. The Attendance Management module allows management of multiple shifts efficiently.
  3. The advanced data security measures of a HR software safeguards sensitive employee information.
  4. Access control through login credentials ensures each employee can only have access to information that they have permission to access.
  5. The HR software serves as a centrally managed employee repository that makes it easy to find employee information as and when required.
  6. Most human resources software make it easy to create and draft emails with the help of the inbuilt ‘Email Builder’.
  7. Makes it possible to maintain complete confidentiality of sensitive organizational data.
  8. The HR software generates automated reports that help increase efficiency.
  9. With a HRMS software, the HR department can easily customize performance appraisal forms.
  10. The management of the travel and expenses of employees travelling for office work, becomes easier and streamlined with a HR software.
What are the Benefits for the Employee?

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Now that we are aware of the benefits for the employer, let’s have a look at the benefits in store for the employee.

  1. The HRMS software allows for seamless and hassle-free scheduling of leaves, which saves the employee’s time and efforts.
  2. The provision of using uniform login credentials across all platforms makes login easy and convenient for the employees.
  3. Looking for information can be a time-consuming process for the employees of an organization, and a HR software addresses this challenge by providing easy access to consolidated company information on a single platform.
  4. The HRMS software makes it possible for employees to get quick response to queries through a simple user interface.
  5. With such a software, the employees can benefit from a right forum for grievance redressal.
  6. The employees can immensely benefit from the static reports that the HRMS software generates for employee working hours and leaves.
  7. The employees can easily get access to key information on a single platform, which increases employee awareness about company policies.
  8. A HRMS software allows for seamless application as well as pullback of resignation.
  9. Employees can apply for reimbursement requests for quick processing with this kind of software.
  10. The advanced data security features of the HR software assures the employees that their data is safe and secure.
So, we see that a HRMS software can indeed bring in multiple benefits to an organization. Also, it is safe to say that investing in a HR software can bring multiple benefits to an organization, both from the perspective of the employer as well as the employee. Is your organization planning to invest in an HR software? If you want to share more ways in which a human resource software can benefit your organization, let us know in the comment box below.

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