Facts You Probably Didn't Know About the Internet of Things (IoT)

Did you know that 60% of Americans are sharing their personal vehicle data with the manufacturers?

This fact is from GoodWorkLabs and it is likely to bring up a very common question in the minds of many – what is data sharing by vehicles all about and how is it done? Well, to the uninitiated, the modern vehicles are more than just a metal body on wheels – they are "smart" machines with intelligence.

Today, we also have unmanned vehicles running for hundreds of kilometres without human intervention. What makes this possible? This becomes possible as the vehicles are connected to the Internet and can receive real-time instructions for accurate driving. This concept that involves everyday devices being connected to the Internet is termed as Internet of Things (IoT).

Internet of Things has numerous possibilities because every object that we see around us has the power to be turned into a smart device with the help of IoT technology. It is an extension of the mobile app development technology that makes mobile devices capable of tapping into the potential of the Internet. Right from the appliances in your home to your clothes and accessories, everything comes under the scope of IoT. It is IoT that has made it possible for us to live the experience of smart homes and smart wearables.

The number of devices connected to the Internet in 2020 was a staggering 50 Billion!

With so many devices connected to the Internet, IoT is all about enormous volumes of data exchange. Here we shall look at some of the key facts about IoT.

1] Adds the digital touch to everyday objects
Even the few years earlier, before the first smart watch was introduced to the world, none of us could have imagined that a piece of accessory could be transformed into a mini computer. Smart clothing is another concept that is beyond our imagination. Adding that touch of technology to everyday objects is what makes IoT so special.

2] IoT is powered by data
Data is the biggest driving force in the world today and it is also the force behind IoT. The magic of IoT devices is possible only through effective transmission of data. To put things into perspective relating to this, data from a study by Cisco has indicated that IoT devices are processing almost 500 zettabytes of data! This makes it one of the most data intensive technologies on the planet.

3] Data security is a challenge
Data security is a cause of concern in today's data driven world and where there is enormous volume of data involved, the concern is even higher. This is one of the biggest challenges of IoT and it is all the more vulnerable to data threats as multiple devices are controlled from a central location. However, data security technology has been consistently evolving to keep the threats at bay.

4] IoT is not a new kid on the block
The futuristic vibes surrounding IoT technology may lead you to believe that it is a very new technology. However, it has been around for quite a while now and was first introduced in the year 1981 – long before the World Wide Web came into existence! Of course, the technology has come a long way and evolved over the decades, but we are not the first generation to witness the magic of IoT in some form.

So, what are your thoughts on IoT? Are you a regular user of smart devices? IoT has still a long way to go and the future holds unlimited possibilities for this revolutionary technology.

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