How Digital HRMS is the Solution to Challenges in Digital Transformation of Enterprises

Digital transformation has been one of the biggest buzzwords since the last few years, as we witness enterprises across the globe take the road towards digitalization in a big way. Going digital is the need of the hour for enterprises in order to stay relevant in a highly dynamic market.

Today, manual business processes can no longer help enterprises achieve the desired levels of efficiency and productivity, making automation the only solution. However, the road to digitalization for enterprises is not as easy as it appears to be and this is because of a few challenges that might come up along the way.

Common Challenges in Digital Transformation

  • Familiarity with the manual process of business management
  • Dependency on Legacy systems for long
  • Lack of a streamlined process of employee management
  • Lack of communication tools
  • No system in place for gathering and analyzing data
  • Unwillingness of the employees to adapt to change
  • Low levels of efficiency and productivity
  • Creating and sharing new policies effectively to create awareness among the employees
  • Lack of data security measures
  • Limited budget or lack of awareness of the costs of digital transformation
  • Lack of skilled resources who can transit to the newly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Lack of analytics to understand the positive effects of digital transformation

So, we see that the challenges are many for enterprises when it comes to taking the leap towards digital transformation. However, with the right approach and armed with the right tool, every enterprise has the capability to emerge successful in the digitalization journey. An advanced HR software platform, Digital HRMS is an example of a tool that can help enterprises overcome the challenges above.

Implementing Digital Transformation with Digital HRMS

Digital HRMS is a comprehensive modular HR software platform that allows businesses to pick and choose the modules they need. It is designed to effectively automate every HR function and allows the HR professionals to spend time on key decision making. It is the platform that enterprises need in order to overcome the challenges on the road to digital transformation.

  • The LMS module of Digital HRMS makes it easy to conduct trainings and induction sessions to help employees say goodbye to the manual process and welcome the transition to digitalization.]
  • Legacy systems are important to the enterprises and so cannot be done away with. Digital HRMS integrates with the legacy systems to create a bridge between the traditional approach and the future of the enterprise.
  • Automate the entire set of HR functions in order to streamline employee management.
  • Serves as the ideal platform to bring together employees working remotely or those working from different parts of the globe, to improve connectivity.
  • Data integration functionalities ensure data from every system in the organization is collected and managed from a central location, thus facilitating easy and effective data analysis.
  • Can be utilized to implement employee engagement exercises to help employees cope with and feel excited about the upcoming change.
  • Employee self service module enables employees to perform administrative tasks themselves and reduces the turnaround time, which adds to employee productivity.
  • Allows the HR to upload policy documents on the platform for easy access by the employees.
  • Advanced HR data security features ensure maximum security of employee and organization data.
  • Modular concept allows businesses to pay only for the modules they choose, making it a cost-effective solution.
  • Recruitment Gateway is designed to help the HR in finding the best talent with the most relevant skillset.
  • Data Analytics functionality of Digital HRMS ensures organizations are well equipped to analyze the data for creating auto-generated reports in minutes.

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