Performance Management with Digital HRMS: Key Elements of Performance Assessment System

Performance assessment is one of the key responsibilities of the HR department of organizations because it is the process through which the organization rewards its employees as a recognition of the efforts put in and the hard work. It is the process of calculating the annual appraisals for the employees as well as recognitions for good performance throughout the year.

However, performance assessment is more complex than you probably think, because there are multiple factors involved and the kind of work done by every employee is different. Also, as the number of employees increase, it can get almost next to impossible to keep a tab on the employee performance using the traditional paper-based approach.

This is where the new age advanced Performance Assessment system comes into the picture, as offered by the new age HR Software. The Digital HRMS is an example of an HR software that comes with a powerful performance assessment system that automates the process of managing the performance of employees. This way, the process is streamlined like never before, with the chances of errors eliminated. Here we shall look at the key components of such a system.

1] Employee Engagement Surveys
This might sound a little out-of-place when talking about employee performance assessment system, but one cannot deny that for good performance, employee need to feel engaged to their work as well as at the workplace. So, how engaged are the employees in general, and if not, what’s coming in the way? You nca find this out only through an employee engagement survey. Once you have the most prevalent issues that are troubling employees, you need to eliminate them in order to make your employees happy and more effective. This also ensures that the performance of the employees are not negatively affected by any external factors.

2] Goal Setting
We simply cannot stress enough on the significance of goal setting for organizations as well as teams. The an advanced performance assessment system should support defining of goals over a range of timeframes, ranging from short term to long term goals. It has been proven that setting definite goals motivate people to perform better, even better than expected if the goal is a challenging one.

3] Self-Assessment
Self-assessment is one of the key elements of a performance assessment system, as it allows employees to self analyze and rate their performance based on various pre-defined parameters. The performance assessment process of Digital HRMS, for instance, begins with the self-assessment by the employees through the self-assessment form. Once the form is filled by the employees, only then it is sent to the Manager for review and the process of assessment begins.

4] Regular Feedback
Many HR experts are of the opinion that when it comes to employee engagement and employee motivation, millennials today prefer regular feedback and recognition as opposed to the traditional approach of yearly appraisals.

A study by Officevibe reveals that 96% of employees would prefer hearing regular feedback on their work, instead of having to wait for an entire year. So, the new age performance assessment system should take this into consideration. Digital HRMS allows the HR to analyze the performance of employees over any required timeframe, through quick and detailed performance reports.

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