Recruitment with Digital HRMS: Discover Your HR Partner through the 5 Stages of Hiring

Every organization needs a team of good resources in order to achieve targets and witness unprecedented success. There is no doubt that employees are the biggest assets for any organization. This is the reason recruitment is so much crucial for the success of the organization. After all, the recruitment process serves as the gateway for prospective employees to get into the organization. Every organization needs a powerful recruitment strategy as well as a platform that can help the HR team find, shortlist and select the best candidates in the shortest time.

Digital HRMS is a new age HR software that offers a complete suite of dedicated independent modules for every HR function, including recruitment. In order to understand how the advanced recruitment gateway of Digital HRMS is designed to help HR teams find the most relevant candidates within a short time, let us have a quick look at the 5 different stages of recruitment and understand a little about them.

Stage 1: Evaluating the Requirement
The very first stage in the process of recruitment is the stage of evaluation. It involves analysis of data in order to come to a conclusion regarding the requirement for additional resources.

How Digital HRMS Helps: The Reporting functionality of the Digital HRMS advanced recruitment gateway makes it possible to generate automated reports on various aspects of HR and employee management, with key insights that give a clear picture. These reports can help the HR or the managers to realize the need for additional resources in order to boost the efficiency of an existing process or to meet a revised deadline.

Stage 2: Creating the Open Positions
Once the decision has been made regarding the requirement for the new resource, the next step in the recruitment process is to create the open positions.
How Digital HRMS Helps: Digital HRMS is a platform that allows the Manager of the respective department to raise a Resource Requisition Slip (RRS) for the said position(s) on the advanced recruitment gateway portal itself. This automatically goes to the recruitment team and a member of the recruitment team is assigned to take the RRS further.

Stage 3: Searching for the Right Candidates
Once the RRS reaches the recruitment team, the searching process for the candidate begins.
How Digital HRMS Helps: Digital HRMS recruitment module helps the recruitment team post the open positions on the Careers page of the website, along with major job portals. There is also the provision for the recruitment team to keep track of the job postings and edit them as and when required , everything offered on a single recruitment gateway platform.

Stage 4: Screening and Shortlisting
Once the applications pour in, the next step of screening and shortlisting begins. This stage involves going through the resumes and scheduling the interviews.

How Digital HRMS Helps: The Digital HRMS recruitment gateway is designed to streamline the process of shortlisting through its unique resume parser functionality that is all about automation of the process of going through hundreds of resumes in order to find the most relevant applications. In addition to this, the HRMS platform also helps in streamlining the interview process.

Stage 5: Selection and Pre-Onboarding
Once the interviews are through, it’s time to make some decisions. Also, pre-onboarding forms an important part.

How Digital HRMS Helps: The Digital HRMS recruitment gateway makes it easy for the decision makers to get access to all the data regarding the background of the candidate to the reviews from each round of interview. This way, it becomes easier to make the right decisions. Also, through the Digital HRMS platform, it is possible for the HR to get done with a major part of the formalities related to onboarding, through the platform itself, such as filling forms, background verification of the candidate and more.

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