What Makes Digital HRMS the Ideal Solution for Challenges in Leave & Attendance Management

38% of organizations in the US use manual leave management systems. – Tsheets

Statistics like the one above showcase the fact that many enterprises still use a manual approach when it comes to leave and attendance management of employees. However, this approach can bring up multiple challenges for the HR teams of these organizations because leave & attendance management can be a complex process that can be prone to errors when managed manually.


There are multiple challenges that the HR department faces when using a manual leave and attendance management approach.
  • Employees find it difficult to schedule their vacations sensibly
  • Monitoring employee absences is difficult
  • Errors in leave and attendance have a negative impact on payroll
  • Lack of access to essential functionality on the go
  • Employees are unaware of the company's leave policy
  • Remote employees' absences are difficult to track
Digital HRMS is a customized HR software platform with separate modules for each HR function, such as and leave and attendance tracking management is one of them. Like all of the other modules in Digital HRMS, the Leave and Attendance management module provides features and functionality that benefit both, the employees and the employer.

Because the features are meticulously built to take care of every demand of companies while also simplifying the process for the HR staff, the Leave Management system of Digital HRMS offers various benefits. As a result, HR efficiency improves. The following are the main elements of Digital HRMS's Leave and Attendance management system of the Digital HRMS HR software platform.

  • The leave and attendance management system of Digital HRMS can be configured by the organization according to their leave policy and organizational needs.
  • Employees can submit requests for attendance regularization (AR) and Work From Home (WFH) when they are obliged to work outside of the office.
  • Employees have the option of withdrawing leave requests that have already been submitted until the request has been approved by the Manager.
  • In the event that a team member is unable to access the platform, the team Manager can submit a leave request on their behalf.
  • Employees can access data from their own devices on the go thanks to the availability of data on the Cloud as well as on-premise.
  • With a few clicks, you can generate automated leave reports that provide a full overview of the employee's leave details for rapid reference.
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