5 Useful Tips for Better Employee Onboarding Process

Does the employee onboarding process end when your HR hands over the offer letter to the new hire? Well, far from that – in fact, the offer letter marks the beginning of the onboarding process, which continues long after the employee has joined the organization.

Did you know that 33% of employees form an idea about whether they would see themselves with the organization in the future, in the very first few days itself?

This statistic from Talent Management & HR highlights the importance of creating memorable onboarding experience for the new hire. You see, hiring a new candidate is a process that can take a lot of time and effort. So, when you find the right candidate, it becomes highly important that your organization makes an effort to make the new hires comfortable in their new role in your organization.

Joining a new organization can make people anxious and jittery, especially in the first few days after joining, when there is so much to learn and understand. A new joinee has to get familiar with their job requirements, become familiar with the people to work with, and also learn about the policies of the organization and its work culture. This can be overwhelming and the kind of experience your new hires have in the first few days can go on to determine their future work performance, and even their retention and satisfaction with the job. Hence, it pays to take some time to explore how you can create a positive onboarding experience for your employees. So, here we go…

1] Minimize Paperwork with HRMS Software
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The mammoth volumes of paperwork involved in the onboarding process can mean a tough time for your new hires. To make the process easier and fun, we recommend that you use a paperless automated onboarding software like Digital HRMS . The onboarding module of Digital HRMS makes the process of filling in the details, quick and easy. Filling a bunch of forms can be intimidating, but with a HRMS software, it can be completed in less than an hour! This allows your new hires more time to learn new skills, explore the premises and get to know their colleagues, thus creating a pleasant onboarding process.

2] Provide the New Joinee with a Buddy

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On the very first day, employees should be able to meet all the colleagues and teams that they would need to interact with after they join the organization. In addition to that, a “buddy” or a mentor approach works wonders. When a new joinee is assigned a peer, who is not their reporting manager, for the first few days after joining, it becomes easier for the new hire to ask questions and get their queries resolved.
The informal support can prove to be of great value in grooming the individual for the responsibility at hand. The peer or buddy can also provide hands-on training and assistance whenever the new joinee needs help or gets stuck. In a new environment where he/she is yet to know about the right people to approach, a buddy can make the onboarding process seamless and smooth.

3] Give them a Roadmap of What to Achieve in the Next 30 Days
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New hires are likely to be puzzled about what exactly their role demands and what is expected from them. For this, providing them with a roadmap or a set of goals to achieve in the 30 or 60 days, can help them focus, make them aware of what they need to learn and plan things accordingly. We all know the importance of goal setting, and so when your new hires are of their goals, they are more likely to achieve them. And when employees accomplish their goals and get appreciated, it boosts their morale and they will be motivated to achieve more.

4] Make Sure the Setup is in Place


While this one can seem like a no-brainer, many employees report of having to wait for hours on end on their joining day for their machines or system to be set up. When you know you’ll have a new hire arriving on a particular day, how about setting up the system assigned to them, along with the other necessary requirements? When the new joinees find their desk ready before they arrive, it makes for a good first impression. What’s more, it also makes them feel special and makes it possible for them to get started right away, without having to waste time waiting for the machine to be put together.

5] Plan a Fun & Engaging Team Building Activity

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It is very important for your new hires to get acquainted with their teams as well as other colleagues e4arly on. To facilitate this, it can be a good idea to organize a fun team-building activity that will help the new joinees to interact with the team members in a less formal setting. This can also be a great opportunity to get familiar with the general company rules and work culture, and boosts employee engagement. The activity can be followed by an informal get-together, such as a team lunch outside the office premises, which can make them feel valued and appreciated.


So, that was all about the basic steps the HR department of an organization can take into account to ensure the new hires can enjoy a seamless onboarding process. The most important element here is planning, and planning is key for hassle-free and convenient employee onboarding. Do you have any ideas or tips to share? Let us know in the comments section below.
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