Biomedical Named Entity extraction using general purpose NER Models

Biomedical, healthcare research and practice has accelerated the rate at which information in the form of scientific publications, EMR, transcription records and others are created and published. In order to effectively…

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Getting to know Kendo with AngularJS

What is Kendo UI

Kendo UI is a framework based on HTML5 and jQuery. It helps build an interactive web application by providing several features for a fast, rich, and responsive web applications…

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Solr HyperLogLog

Solr 5.2 introduces HyperLogLog, the probabilistic approach for counting distinct values.

Solr already had provision to count distinct values using unique facet function or countDistinct LocalParam in stats component. But this approach doesn’t scale…

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Test Driven Development by example

Test-driven development (TDD) is a software developmentFirst the developer writes an (initially failing) automated test case that defines a desired improvement or new function, then produces the minimum amount of…

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Understanding Solr Explain

In this article, I will explain how to read information in solr explain.

When we search documents on solr, the documents in the result are in descending order of their…

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AngularJS in Node. js and ExpressJS Framework


ExpressJS is a light-weight web application framework to help organize your web application into…

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Image Processing and Analysis in R

Performing Image processing and analysis in R, installation of EBImage package is required. Execute…

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Words similarity/relatedness using WuPalmer Algorithm

Wu & Palmer – Words Similarity

The Wu & Palmer calculates relatedness by considering the depths of the two synsets in the WordNet taxonomies, along with the depth of the…

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Understanding Monolithic and Microservices Architecture


In this article, we will try to understand the Monolithic and Microservices architecture in terms project team, analysis/design, development/construction, continuous integration /deployment and testing.

1. Monolithic Architecture

Before jumping…

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Getting started with AngularJS


What is AngularJS?


In single line AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps.Dynamic means during run time.It is used to develop SPA(single page application).

  In a SPA,…

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Collaborative and Content-Aware Approaches to Recommendation

Recommender systems have become extremely common in recent years, and are applied in a variety of applications. The goal of a Recommender System is to generate meaningful recommendations to users for items or…

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Angular Test Cases Using Jasmine Js


About Jasmine 

Jasmine is behavior-driven development framework for testing JavaScript code. It does not depend on any other JavaScript frameworks. It does not require a DOM. And it has a clean, obvious…

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Understanding PhraseQuery and Slop in Solr

PhraseQuery in Lucene matches documents containing a particular sequence of terms. PhraseQuery uses positional information of the term that is stored in an index. 

The number of other words permitted between…

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Solr: Search using JSON Request API

Solr 5.1 introduces the new JSON request API!

Solr supports multiple query response formats such as xml, json, csv, velocity UI, etc. but for making request you were always supposed to…

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Data Import Handler – import data from XML files which are in Solr xml format

The DataImportHandler is a Solr contrib that provides a configuration driven way to import data from relational databases or XML files, into Solr in both “full import” and “incremental delta…

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Data Parallelism in C#

IntroductionIn this blog, will have walk through about Data Parallelism, where we could execute process concurrently.
BackgroundSome time, we come to scenario where we need to execute same process multiple times…

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Using AngularJS Directives

What are Directives ?

AngularJS directives are what controls the rendering of the HTML inside an AngularJS application. At a high level, directives are markers on a DOM element that tell…

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Dynamic binding of “ng-required” for Validation

I like to share the solution which I came across while working on dynamic validation of…

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Getting familiar with Strict Contextual Escaping in Angular

The Problem:

While working on a recent project, I needed to show the highlighting that was part of the Solr response. The highlighting was done with html markup as part of the response.…

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Exactish Phrase Matching in Solr

Phrase match: A simple way by which we can achieve exact matching in Solr is by using the default string type. It is exact phrase matching. the string is a useful…

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Supervised Learning for Text Classification

Text Classification (or Categorization) has been investigated by many researchers over more than past 2…

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Solr's mm parameter - Explanation of Min Number Should Match

This article explains the format used for specifying the “Min Number Should Match” criteria of the BooleanQuery objects built by the DisMaxRequestHandler.  Using this it is possible to specify a…

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Latent Semantic Indexing - An Introduction

Have you heard of Latent Semantic indexing (or analysis)? You would have come across the lingo if read about semantics and machine learning. I too had. But never went beyond reading…

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Angular’s one-time data binding

This week while working with AngularJS, I came across a problem where a variable within $scope being reassigned to a new value every time a function was executed. I was…

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Microservices Architecture


In this blog, will have walk through about Microservices Architecture pattern, which is now a days more populate than Monolithic application


Today, there are several trends that are…

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Solr Core Discovery

How does Solr discover a core?

If you are a seasoned Solr developer and yet to migrate to latest releases, your answer might be ‘by registering the core by adding <cores> element…

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Introduction to How Node. JS works

In this post, I will try to give an easy way to understand overview…

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Find element / object in an array using jQuery. grep()

IntroductionIn this blog, will have walk through about easiest way to find the element/object in a JavaScript array which satisfy the filter condition.

BackgroundMost of the time, we come to scenario…

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k-means clustering

What is Clustering?
Clustering is the process of partitioning a group of data points into…

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Filter Queries in Solr

Solr provides Query (q parameter) and Filter Query (fq parameter) for searching.

The query (q parameter), as the name suggests, is the main query used for searching. Example

q = title:james

Filter queries are used alongside query (q…

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Data Binding with AngularJS

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework developed by Google. Angular is what HTML would have been, had it been designed for applications.

Data binding is the most useful and powerful feature of…

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Evaluating Search Engine Relevance with Precision Testing

Evaluating search engines

For any information retrieval system, a major challenge is to provide the most relevant and meaningful search results to the user. It should not return irrelevant results in…

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Atomic Updates in Solr


In Solr Once the data is indexed in changes to the Solr schema or…

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Solr: Backed up? Now you can restore soon!

One of the lesser known but cool features of ReplicationHandler is support for index backup. You must have used ReplicationHandler in…

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Ontologies vs Taxonomies vs Thesauri , and its place on the Semantic Web

Ontology :

An ontology formally defines a common set of terms that are used to describe and represent a domain. An ontology is domain specific, and it is used…

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SOLID architecture principle using C# with simple C# example

In this blog, I am going to explain you the SOLID architecture principle using simple C# code. This would help to build application with layer architecture with readable and easily…

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Usability of SecureString object in C#

In this blog, I am going to explain you the Advantage and usability of “SecureString” object in C# .Net framework. 

Most of the time, we come to a scenario where we…

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Solr Optimistic Concurrency Unlocked!

If you have multiple clients updating documents, it’s really critical to ensure that newer…

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Beider Morse Phonetic Matching in Solr

Phonetic Search Overview: Phonetic search is widely used to search phonetically equivalent search terms to the desired search term. – e.g. searching for AVANTAJE while term actually is ADVANTAGE. Solr has…

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Setting up WordNet using JWNL

WordNet is an Natural Language Processing (NLP) resource that is a lexical database for the English language.  WordNet is made up of groups or set of words that are synonyms…

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